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The role of the walkie-talkie in emergency communication equipment

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The walkie-talkie is the hallmark of HAM and the main advantage of HAM in communication. In the disaster environment, the walkie-talkie can play a special role. HAM is the pioneer of communication, and the importance of communication security in previous disaster relief is unquestionable.

Walkie talkie

In the occurrence of natural disasters, the walkie-talkie plays an absolute role:

Temporary emergency communication services can be provided by convening a HAM with sufficient capacity through the walkie-talkie. As the saying goes, "Many people are more powerful," is the same for amateur radio emergency communications. The HAM that is brought together can make personal self-help communication develop into emergency communication for public service. Based on the handheld station, it can be used with the medium-distance radio station. Relay stations and short-wave stations expand communication distances and levels to establish communication with the outside world, and provide communication support for some private voluntary disaster relief activities and teams.

When HAM is in distress, if the mobile phone is not available and there is no satellite phone, then the walkie-talkie is your good communication tool. The walkie-talkie is not limited by the base station, and some walkie-talkies used by rescue teams and governments may be on adjacent channels. (The walkie-talkie can scan the channel for help)


1. Due to the harsh environment after the disaster, it is easy to encounter bad weather such as rain and snow, so the walkie-talkie used is preferably durable, waterproof and high volume. If the fully waterproof model accidentally falls into the pond or is exposed to heavy rain during use, it can ensure normal operation.

2. The requirements of the emergency communication walkie-talkie are sturdy and durable, the frequency range is wide, the frequency is manually adjustable continuously, the work is saved, and the standby time is long!

3. The dual-band walkie-talkie of the amateur radio just covers the 150-170MHZ and 400-470MHZ bands. If you are in danger of being trapped, the wide-frequency amateur walkie-talkie can use the frequency sweep function to search for nearby signals on the walkie-talkie and then urgently insert the call for help. The walkie-talkie with a wide working frequency is convenient to be used with other departments, and even the frequency of the professional rescue team can be quickly set and provided as a material support to the rescue team.

4 After the disaster, we usually encounter the problem of power shortage, which means that the walkie-talkie can't be charged anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the walkie-talkie itself requires low power consumption, large battery capacity and long standby time.

5. The walkie-talkie preferably has a multi-level adjustable transmit power, so that we can use low-power transmission to reduce the consumption of power and win more talk and standby time while ensuring communication.

6. If the area where you live is not very cold, it is recommended that you use a lithium battery. Although the low temperature performance is not good, the ordinary lithium battery has the advantages of low self-discharge rate, light weight and high capacitance.

7. Nickel-cadmium batteries can be considered in cold areas. Its low-temperature characteristics are relatively good. At the same time, some warm babies can be prepared, which can be used for heating and warming up the machine during emergency.

8. Some walkie-talkies are available with AA battery box options, which is very useful in emergency use. One-time AA batteries are relatively easy to replenish.

For a conscious conscious HAM, make full use of the communication equipment that is usually in hand to create a personal emergency communication box, which can effectively protect the communication equipment when the disaster strikes, and provide communication lines for the users and surrounding people to effectively communicate with the outside world. This not only reflects HAM's amateur emergency communication capabilities and a sense of social responsibility, but also has the opportunity to contribute to its own efforts in earthquake relief.

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