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Top 7 Reasons for IFLY Military Tactical Radio

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When disaster or special events happend, emergency people enter some area for example remote mountins, desert or dense forest where GSM LTE coverage is near to 0 and no any fixed infrastructure. Do you know how to ensure the audio communication in a large area? What kind of radio a proper choice?

Combat Radio

IFLY ad-hoc tactical communication system is special designed for emergency communication for long range more than 300km and without any fixed infrastructure.

The following are the top 7 reasons that convince you to choose IFLY.

1. Advantages of Ad-hoc: flexibility, scalability and lower administration costs

Flexibility: Ad-hoc network can be created anywhere with movable base stations

Scalability: You can easily add more base stations in blind spots and where signals is weak.

Lower Administration Costs: No need to build an fixed infrastructure first

2. Frequency Efficiency

IFLY Ad-hoc system adopts Simulcast (simultaneous broadcasting) technology, which enable multiple base stations to transmit voice and data signal on the same frequency simultaneously. 

One freqeuncy channel can accommodate upto 3 talkgroups for simultaneous talking. And no need to add another frequency pair (channel) at sites.

3. Simple cooperation, no need debugging and lower maintenance costs

Due to the fully automatic real-time phase synchronization technology, each base station can automatically synchronize during application. And the system's simulcast accuracy is 20 times higher than other similar models in the market. 

Therefore, the system's accuracy will never need to be adjusted during operation, which minimizes the workload of debugging and maintenance costs.

4. Better Coverage

In dense forest, distance between manpack/portable/tri-proof base stations is 5km-6km(NLOS).

Distance between solar powered base stations: 30km-200km(LOS)

5. Quick start<30ms

The start-up, warm-up and reset time of the entire system are within 30ms, and occupy a small amount of memory.

6. Short delay: End to End <5ms

The software of this system has been optimized and upgraded for more than 10 years since 2008. Now the latency from end to end is less than 5ms. Even though working in an extreme electromagnetic environment, the latency will less than 50ms.

7. Higher Level of Communication Security

IFLY owns the independent intellectual property rights of the single frequency relay technology based on ad hoc network communication. That makes it difficult for hackers to monitor the voice communication. We also supports customized voice encryption for high-level security requirement.

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