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What are the functions of the forest fire monitoring system

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The forestry department shoulders the responsibility of protecting forest resources. A fast, accurate, safe and reliable wireless only early warning communication system is an important guarantee for the forestry department to fulfill its duties. In recent years, with global warming and frequent forest fires, forest resources have been severely damaged, which directly affects the development of the national economy. Forest fire prevention has become the top priority of the forestry sector. Conventional analog communication has been unable to solve the growing communication needs of forest fire protection in this department, and it is urgent to build a simple and practical wireless intelligent early warning communication system with high cost performance.


Forest fire monitoring system function

1. Forest fire prevention public security image monitoring

With advanced image enhancement technology, as long as there is a small amount of light, a clear image can still be obtained. In addition, the technology should also eliminate the mist that pervades the forests during the day, so that the monitoring targets can be clearly seen even in the misty weather.

2.Automatic fire point monitoring and alarm

The built-in fire point detection automatic alarm module in the device automatically detects the environmental heat source, and detects the heat source in the field of view during the spiral movement of the gimbal. When a suspicious hotspot target is detected, the PTZ is driven to perform the fire point positioning scan mode to confirm the fire point and give an alarm signal.

3.Emergency intelligent broadcasting system

Publicize fire prevention knowledge in the forest areas under its jurisdiction, strengthen the awareness of fire prevention risks of outsiders, carry out background music broadcasts for radio tourists, find people for broadcasts and other convenient measures, conduct public security scheduling and personnel guidance in scenic areas.

4. Automatic weather data collection

Set up automatic meteorological data acquisition equipment at the monitoring collection point, and transmit all meteorological data (temperature, humidity, wind, wind direction, etc.) to the center in real time to generate the forest fire danger level. At the same time, combined with GIS geographic information system to perform fire analysis when a forest fire occurs

5. Broadcast-grade mobile video transmission

Through the configuration of a portable mobile image acquisition terminal and a forest fire emergency command vehicle, high-definition video images are collected and transmitted in real time to the fire site, providing valuable field data for the command and dispatch of the command center.

6.GIS geographic information system

Combining advanced 3S technology, software technology, computer network technology, and modern communication technology, the establishment of a forest fire command application software platform to meet the auxiliary decision-making requirements for forest fire prevention and fire fighting, and promote the traditional qualitative management of forest fire prevention work Transformed into standardized and standardized quantitative management to improve the efficiency and modernization of forest fire prevention management.

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