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Why walkie-talkies can achieve longer distance communication than mobile phones?

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First, we need to make sure that the functions of mobile phones and walkie-talkies are different. In other words, before these two products were designed, their market positioning was different, so they created different designs.

Walkie talkie

There are two main differences between walkie-talkies and mobile phones: one is frequency and the other is capacity.

1. Frequency

The higher the frequency of electromagnetic waves, the faster the attenuation. Taking China Mobile as an example, the current 4g base station has reached a maximum of 2635MHz, and the frequency of walkie-talkies generally ranges from 100 to 400 MHz.


2. capacity

Walkie-talkies are mostly point-to-point half-duplex voice communications, and their transmission power is generally 2W and below. There are two frequency bands of 150MHz and 450MHz, and there are 16 or 20 channels for selection. This kind of point-to-point half-duplex voice intercom communication is very simple compared to the mobile phone itself and the mobile communication network, and the uses are different, so it does not need any base station.

Why does the distance between the two-way radio and mobile phone differ?

The frequency of walkie-talkies is low frequency, and the wavelength is relatively long (the ability to bypass obstacles is strong), so it can get a longer transmission distance with less power. Mobile phones use high frequency, short wavelengths, and limited transmission distances (bypassing obstacles and anti-interference capabilities), so they must be covered by base stations, and then the base stations rely on wired transmission.

base station

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