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These are related to the base station news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in base station and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand base station market.
  • Tethered drones can implement several core technologies of high-altitude base stations


    The selection of a base station needs to be comprehensively considered from the aspects of performance, matching, compatibility, and use requirements. Among them, it is particularly important to note that the base station equipment must be compatible or compatible with the mobile switching center in Read More
  • Why walkie-talkies can achieve longer distance communication than mobile phones?


    First of all, we need to be clear that the functions of mobile phones and walkie-talkies are different. In other words, before we design these two products, their market positioning is different, so they have created different designs. Read More
  • Tehtered Drone on-board Emergency Communication System Builds A Wireless Network In 15min


    IFLY On-board LTE Emergency Communication System(Patron-X10) Builds Wireless Network Covering Radius 20km Area. In our daliy life, disasters are always unexpected. Facing disasters, we need to cooperate save lives. When confronted with this moment, reliable equipment acts as our trustedally. Read More
  • Analysis of the Advantages of Distributed Antenna System


    The Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of multiple antennas distributed in a building dedicated to providing wireless indoor coverage. Such a system can be either an active system or a passive system.A passive DAS system is a network of coaxial cables, couplers, and power splitters. Passi Read More
  • Deploying "decompression" for 5G mobile base stations - concentration of baseband processing units (BBU)


    Many people have been looking forward to the advent of the 5G era, and may hope that a dream-like information technology revolution will bring a new way of life. An important feature of 5G mobile networks is that the signal transmission speed is fast; but in fact, 5G mobile networks have two importa Read More
  • PDT digital trunking wireless intercom system group base station


    The PDT digital trunking wireless intercom system uses a large area system, and usually covers a large area with fewer base stations. However, in the city, due to the blockage of the building, the signal coverage of some regional cluster wireless intercom system is not ideal, especially in the area where the density of residential buildings is large, and the area of the handshake building is more, the coverage of the wireless intercom system is even worse. Read More
  • A Emergency Communication System Built By Drone Onboard 4G LTE Private Network Station To Safeguard A City's Safe


    A testing to verify the performance of IFLY City Emmgergency Communication Network Syste. Dependable emergency communication plays a vital role in emergency response, especially in big city with large population, crowed traffic and dense high buildings. Once the natural or man-made disaster happens, the first responders must be able to communicate reliably with all the human resources that are involved or will be involved. Read More

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