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Tehtered Drone on-board Emergency Communication System Builds A Wireless Network In 15min

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In the face of various sudden and large-scale disasters, conventional emergency communication and communication means can no longer meet the communication requirements of long-distance voice and video. As we all know, antenna height is one of the main factors affecting the coverage of wireless communication. The higher the antenna, the smaller the influence of terrain on electromagnetic wave propagation, and the more significant the improvement of communication link quality. The general emergency communication vehicle antenna height is no more than 20 meters, and in many cases is easily affected by the terrain damaged by the disaster, and it is difficult to penetrate into the core area of the disaster. The use of a tethered drone such as a long-time launch platform equipped with a communication device to raise the antenna or other communication device can solve the problem of electromagnetic wave coverage under complex terrain conditions.

Long Range Wireless Network Devices


There is a solution to solve the problem of mobile communication base stations in the event of disasters - through the tethered multi-rotor UAV communication system to carry a variety of communication loads such as self-organizing network radio stations, cluster micro base stations, micro base stations, etc. The communication application configuration mode quickly opens communication services in the core area of the disaster area. At the same time, a large area covered emergency communication network with ultra-short wave communication of 40km and broadband video communication of 10 km was formed between the rear emergency center, the on-site command and the rescue team.

The aerial part is composed of a base station device, a base station antenna, and a ground connection device, and the high-altitude carrier is a mooring drone. The base station equipment is a wired transmission mode, and the aerial part is fixed by a mooring line, and the ground part is composed of a ground control system, a transmission device for the drone and the ground connection, and a ground transmission device for connecting with the core network. The terrestrial transmission equipment connected to the core network may be a fiber transmission device or a transmission device that transmits to the core network through satellite transmission.

Tethered drone flight test


Therefore, the mooring drone is used as a communication platform, which has the characteristics of rapid deployment, light and flexible, low requirements for landing and landing, and can realize fast, reliable and inexpensive broadband communication within a few tens of kilometers, in the event of sudden natural disasters and communication infrastructure. Under the conditions of damage and poor communication environment, its emergency communication capability has obvious advantages.

Tethered drone performance characteristics: heavy load, intermediate coaxial scull provides greater lift, compact structure, automatic folding of the arm, fully automatic recovery, short deployment time, precise navigation, RTK positioning, one-button take-off, one-button landing , automatic follow-up, aviation-grade reliability, complete system monitoring warnings and emergency processing logic.

Tethered drone


The IFLY mooring drone system enables 24-hour uninterrupted air hover with excellent flight stability. It can carry all kinds of airborne equipment according to different application purposes, and can be widely applied to disaster relief, border inspection, base safety, scenic area monitoring, geological survey, field operation, forest fire prevention, emergency communication, public security anti-terrorism, traffic supervision, news interview, Engineering monitoring, environmental monitoring, film and television shooting, scientific research, national defense military and other broad areas, which effectively solve the problems in the practical application of emergency communication and communication monitoring. The tethered multi-rotor UAV communication system can play a huge role not only in disaster relief and emergency communication, but also in the future in various fields of life.

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