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Expressway multimedia dispatching solution

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With the changes in the socio-economic situation, the number of highway construction across the country will be significantly reduced. In the field of highways, the overall operation and management of highways will become the focus of work.

Because of the substantial increase in traffic flow, how to deal with traffic anomalies or road problems more quickly and with high quality, so as to keep the roads stable and smooth, is a major issue for highway managers in terms of operation management. The development of emergency rescue plans to improve the handling capacity and management level in emergencies is also an important way for the highway to improve its management and operation level.

Realistic requirements require intercommunication and coordination between adjacent sections of the expressway, and real-time communication through video and audio, which brings the need for networking.

The informatization construction of the monitoring system is just a part of the informatization construction of the expressway. It mainly includes improving the video, audio and data information collection, integrating data resources, realizing public travel information service systems, office automation systems, geographic information systems, and comprehensive emergency command Dispatching platform, call center, network security, etc. Therefore, IFLY has proposed a multimedia dispatching solution for users of the expressway industry to meet the needs of users in the construction of expressway information.

Multimedia scheduling system


IP-based networking for easy management and deployment;

Achieve monitoring and networking of highway sections, and support multi-party, multi-terminal video conference;

Provide integrated interfaces with highway business systems (video surveillance systems, road condition information release systems, GIS positioning systems, etc.) to achieve unified dispatching;

Integrate the original voice network and intercom system of the expressway department to protect the original investment of users;

The system has strong expandability, and is connected with the highway emergency plan system to realize one-touch dialing and fast processing;

2. Demand analysis of highway system

1. Freeways are usually well developed and have a long geographic length and span. If you want to better improve the management and operation efficiency of freeways, you must improve the management of various road sections.

2. If the role of the emergency rescue plan is to be better played, the general command center needs to improve the control of each sub-command center, and use modern information technology methods and tools to achieve flat management.

3. At the General Command Center, you can check and know the site conditions of a specific section of the highway at any time.

4. It can monitor and communicate with the management agencies on the situation, emergencies and promptly agreed solutions.

3. Why choose IFLY's multimedia scheduling system?

IFLY multimedia dispatching system has the following advantages in highway applications:

1. It is able to understand and adjust the video and audio monitored by each section in real time, so that the relevant management department can realize the flat management of the expressway.

2. The operation of the dispatching console is simple and powerful, which enables relevant management function leaders to realize intuitive control.

3. This system can be integrated with the network system of traffic operation and management, so that the leaders of functional departments can carry out point-and-click information viewing and query on the dispatching table at any time.

4. Establish a powerful emergency plan system, which can integrate the communication methods of all personnel in the management section, and realize one-touch dialing. The dispatcher can understand the content and policy of the emergency plan at any time, and implement the corresponding command.

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