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Main functions of 4G wireless communication system downhole

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In order to solve the problem of mine communication, IFLY designed and developed a 4G wireless communication system based on 4G communication technology. Based on the industrial Ethernet system, it established a "wireless voice, video communication and dispatch communication system" to form a complete network between the ground and underground Communication as a whole.

IFLY's underground 4G wireless communication system is based on the main functions implemented by the 4G communication platform

1.Wireless audio and video communication

Communication is an important means to ensure the production of mines and build smart mines. The real-time of the system can integrate underground voice communication, image and video communication, realize the interconnection and interconnection of various types of information in production, and provide users with unified mine scheduling and management capabilities. The system adopts a modular design, has strong scalability, and operates with stable breakpoint resume transmission function. When the base station or optical cable and other equipment fails or is damaged, it has the function of immediate self-healing without affecting normal operation.

2.Wireless sensor network system

The system can be linked with the safety monitoring system. The sensor can collect the related data such as temperature and humidity, special gas, wind speed, and wind pressure in the underground, and transmit the data to the server and mobile phone terminal to realize the real-time monitoring of the underground environment. At the same time, the query of data services can be realized through mobile terminals.

3. Integrated business system

The system can integrate the automation systems already installed in the mine, such as security monitoring systems, personnel positioning systems, broadcasting systems, etc., to achieve comprehensive control of the network platform, integrate the systems, achieve comprehensive management and control of the mine, and improve its risk response capabilities And processing power. The system has functions such as single sign-on, automatic centralized control, and centralized access control.

4.Key component video surveillance function

This system can perform wireless video monitoring on important locations in the mine, and integrate existing video monitoring into the mine industrial control system, providing effective technical means for mine safety monitoring, equipment monitoring, production operation, and event tracing.

5. Production scheduling function

The system integrates underground personnel into the mine system to achieve audio and video communication in production, supports cluster scheduling functions, supports personnel positioning functions, and provides a scientific basis for production decisions.

The underground 4G wireless communication system of IFLY has realized the coverage of the 4G signal of the mine, formed a comprehensive dispatching system based on 4G technology wired and wireless, and connected the communication data to the management department, and finally realized the application of wired and wireless communication in the mining business.

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