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A list of these 4G articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional 4G, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Features and functions of 4G mobile communication technology and its application in emergency communication at fire sites


    1 Basic composition and characteristics of 4G mobile communication technology(1) 4G communication technology. The address method used by 4G LTE communication technology is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Multiple Websites, which divides the channel for a given frequency domain and turns i Read More
  • Main functions of 4G wireless communication system downhole


    In order to solve the problem of mine communication, IFLY designed and developed a 4G wireless communication system based on 4G communication technology. Based on the industrial Ethernet system, it established a "wireless voice, video communication and dispatch communication system" to form a comple Read More
  • 4G law enforcement instrument HD image transmission and visual command system


    4G law enforcement instrument high-definition image transmission and visual command system, based on 4G private network or 4G public network as a network, to build a set of high-definition video image transmission as the basis, high-definition video dual stream and a graphic visualization command fe Read More
  • 4G multimedia broadband trunking dispatch system successfully applied to the largest air traffic hub in Northwest China


    4G multimedia broadband trunking dispatching system came into beingXianyang International Airport is an important gateway airport in China. It is the largest air transportation hub in Northwest China. It is also the ninth largest airport in Mainland China (passenger throughput in 2014) and the fifth Read More
  • Features of 4G mobile communication technology and its application in emergency communication at fire site


    1 The basic composition and characteristics of 4G mobile communication technology Read More
  • 4G LTE Private Network for Marine Helping to Improve on-board Communications


    This article introduce the IFLY 4G LTE private network solution supplying stable, high speed and secure network for ships in the sea and let them get and keep connected with 4G LTE nework on the shore so that they move safely. Read More
  • Wireless Communication’s Different Types And Their Applications


    The different types of wireless communication technologies include: Communication Satellites, Infrared wireless communication, Broadcast Radio, Microwave Radio etc. Read More

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