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4G law enforcement instrument HD image transmission and visual command system

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4G law enforcement instrument high-definition image transmission and visual command system, based on 4G private network or 4G public network as a network, to build a set of high-definition video image transmission as the basis, high-definition video dual stream and a graphic visualization command features A comprehensive law enforcement platform.

System functions

1.Trunk intercom

Users can initiate or receive voice intercom as long as they are within the coverage of 2G / 3G / 4G or WiFi networks, regardless of geographical restrictions.

2. HD transmission

(1) HD video real-time transmission, real-time two-way voice

(2) Live video of law enforcement instrument, two-way two-way voice discussion

(3) Video streaming, local storage and real-time video transmission

3. HD Live

The high-definition video of the law enforcement site is broadcasted in real time through the law enforcement instrument, and the multi-level dispatcher and other mobile terminals are allowed to view the live video, and a multi-party conference call is established to discuss and order.

4. HD Cloud Storage

Law enforcement officers took pictures (or small videos) on the scene and uploaded them to cloud storage. The command center received prompts in a timely manner and could immediately check them.

5.One-click alarm

When an emergency occurs, click the alarm button on the law enforcement instrument or the SOS button of the law enforcement instrument to report your real-time video and location to the command center and sound the siren. The command center dispatching station will immediately see the video of the law enforcement officer and its exact location. Other mobile APPs in the same group will also receive the person's alarm for help in real time, and can know the GIS position of the player in real time, and go to the scene for rescue support according to the map navigation.

6. Multimedia IM

The client supports WeChat-like multimedia messages, including voice, text, pictures, expressions, location and other messages.

Technical advantages

1. HD Voice

Real-time high-definition voice, voice delay within 300 ms, suitable for Internet calls. Voice calls with 10% packet loss still work.

2. HD video

HD video is transmitted in real time, optimized for public network transmission, and the video delay is within 500 milliseconds. Video with a packet loss rate of 10% is still smooth, and video with a packet loss rate of 30% is not spoiled.

3. Dual Stream Recording

Adopt efficient video compression technology, support dual streams, upload while recording, flexible bit rate adaptation technology, FEC forward error correction technology and NACK packet loss retransmission technology combination to ensure uninterrupted wireless HD video transmission.

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