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New Opportunities for Private Networks: A New Wave of Digital Transformation Is Coming

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Industry informatization construction and digital transformation have always been one of the important driving forces for the development of information and communication enterprises. It is the development goal of ICT to continuously inspire the needs, interests, and motivations of digital transformation in various vertical industries, and continuously meet the growing information needs of users.


However, industry information construction and digital transformation are not simply technological innovations and applications. It involves the financial planning, organizational restructuring, and process reshaping of industrial users. It is a complex system project, which has led to many challenges for digital transformation. .


In addition, there is another important factor that affects the user's digital transformation process: many industries are not unaware of the necessity and feasibility of digital transformation, but because of the industry's operating tradition and psychological inertia, it is difficult to cut into the track of digital transformation .


In 2020, a nationwide epidemic of Newcomer Virus pneumonia caused the "instantaneous shutdown" of operations in many industries, which greatly restricted the movement of people and the flow of goods. Previously, industries and enterprises that were a step ahead in digital transformation, because of unimpeded information flow and rich digital applications, could have significant advantages in terms of work and business in the response to epidemic prevention and control; while digital construction was slightly delayed Under the impact of the epidemic, industries and enterprises have to embark on the road of accelerating the embrace of digital transformation.


The epidemic objectively allowed many industries to break the psychological inertia, and began to explore and build digital operation methods during the period of business suspension. After switching to digital operations, users in related industries for the first time truly felt the efficiency and quality improvements brought about by changes in operating methods. This kind of personal experience and experience will definitely provide continuous and stable driving force for the subsequent development of information technology.


IFLY believes that the following market directions deserve special attention:

1. Deep integration of 5G and vertical industries

5G will be the focus of a new round of infrastructure construction and an important engine and booster for digital transformation. At the beginning of 5G development, one of the major challenges faced was the development of industry needs and application scenarios. Since last year, one of the important tasks of 5G development is to cultivate and strengthen the application concept of 5G in various industries, further stimulate market demand, and promote the deep integration of 5G and vertical industries.


During the epidemic prevention and control, related vertical industries have a deeper understanding and experience of 5G. We take medical and education as examples to illustrate one or two.


Wuhan, China is the city with the most severe epidemic situation. Based on the needs of prevention and control and treatment, Wuhan has completed the construction of Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Thunder Mountain Hospital. Among them, the Hubei operator opened the 5G network of Vulcan Mountain Hospital in three days, helping Vulcan Mountain Hospital to achieve ultra-high-speed 5G network connection, ensuring high-speed data Internet access, data acquisition, remote consultation, remote monitoring and other services; and Raytheon Hospital 5G network, which can carry With high concurrent communication requirements, the realization of remote command, remote consultation, remote surgery and data transmission has played a huge role in epidemic prevention and control and patient treatment. For example, after Vulcan Mountain Hospital ’s first “remote consultation platform” was officially put into use, high-quality medical expert resources far away in Beijing could use remote video connections to conduct remote consultations with patients on the front line of Vulcan Mountain Hospital.


After the epidemic, China will increase investment, accelerate the construction of medical infrastructure, and strive to improve the national public health emergency management system. 5G will help the medical and health undertakings develop better and faster, and the market space for 5G + medical treatment will be broader.


Besides medical care, education is another important industry related to national economy and people's livelihood. Up to now, due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, schools have not yet started. Under the impetus of “suspended classes and suspended classes”, China has conducted a huge collective experiment on Internet education. Even in rural areas, teachers, students and even parents have experienced A concept baptism of Internet education. The multiple uses of online classrooms have also been enriched, putting forward higher requirements for network transmission and application development. It is foreseeable that education will be another vertical industry where 5G can be rapidly and deeply used.


Through the above two typical application cases, we can know that the market demand for 5G is being released and various application scenarios are constantly landing.

2.Coordinated command, methodical

The epidemic prevention and control is a big test for governments at all levels and cities. During the entire epidemic prevention and control period, multiple resources need to be dispatched, involving many departments, and it is related to all aspects. How to ensure that the information collected is comprehensive and accurate? How to ensure the smooth flow of government orders? How to achieve efficient command and dispatch? How to ensure seamless connection between departments? How to deal with front-line affairs in a timely manner? This is inseparable from the joint command.


In the future, the collection, analysis, and use of data will become a rigid demand in every administrative region and city; the ability to coordinate command and dispatch will become an important competitiveness. Each city will build and improve the "urban brain" according to specific conditions.


This will involve multiple areas such as terminal layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer. The government affairs special network and the city Internet of Things special network will definitely play an important role, thus providing a broad market space for ICT companies such as private networks.

3. Collaborative office

During the epidemic prevention and control, remote office and remote collaboration developed at an unprecedented speed. Remote office systems, business applications and the transmission of big data have become the immediate needs of relevant state agencies, enterprises and institutions. In the future, remote collaborative offices of various types of organizations will become the new normal, which will effectively stimulate the growth of information and communication needs.


Taking the command and dispatch business used at high frequency as an example, during the epidemic prevention and control, organizations such as hospitals, properties, and transportation companies have established and improved command and dispatch systems. For example, public network clusters have been favored by users in many industries. The organization's internal and external communication collaboration and scheduling played an important role.


Winter is coming, spring is waiting, the epidemic situation is completely over, the demand for industry information construction and digital transformation will be unprecedentedly released, and ICT companies will usher in a new wave of digital transformation. The private network industry needs to seize this opportunity and plan ahead To create new value for more vertical industries.

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