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What is the use of emergency communication vehicles at disaster sites such as mountain fires and earthquakes?

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What is the use of emergency communication tools at the disaster relief site?

In fact, at the scene of the mountain fire fighting, due to the disaster, the original communication equipment may not work properly, which will lead to no signal, weak coverage, network congestion and other conditions on the mobile phone network. At this time, the emergency communication vehicle needs to be on the scene to provide voice and Internet access protection for the disaster relief personnel. In some remote areas, satellite communication equipment can also be used to achieve the above-mentioned support capability.

With the advancement of technology, the current emergency communication vehicles can not only ensure communication in government command and decision-making when disasters occur, but also provide joint communication guarantees at disaster relief sites, such as disaster reporting and multi-party consultation, etc., to facilitate disaster dispatching and decision-making. Strong communication support. In fact, in addition to the mountain fire, other emergency rescue sites are also indispensable for emergency communications vehicles, such as floods, mine disasters, natural gas deflagration, earthquakes, etc., emergency communication vehicles have played an important role.


At the disaster relief site, we often see small emergency vehicles like SUVs, which are very different from the emergency vehicles in the usual impressions, container type, and antennas that can be raised above. In fact, the emergency communication vehicle is a large family with many members and different functions and division of labor. Although they are called emergency communication vehicles, they can be divided into large, medium and small emergency communication vehicles according to the vehicle chassis carrying capacity.

Large-scale emergency vehicles generally have a length of more than 8 meters and the communication capacity is also the strongest, but its passability and mobility are poor, so it is generally placed at designated locations for major events such as important conferences, large-scale competitions and performances. Provide communication security. Ps: I have to mention here that the 5G emergency communication vehicle newly put into use by China Mobile has the ability to support the integration of GSM, LTE, NB-IOT and 5G at the same time. It can quickly complete the erection and opening work according to the site requirements. Full-band, full-scale business support including 5G.

Medium-sized emergency vehicles range in size from 8 meters to 5.5 meters and are used to address the mobile signal coverage needs of small and medium-sized activities.

Small off-road emergency vehicles generally have a length of less than 5.5 meters, are highly mobile, have good passability, and have a small number of carrier frequencies. They are mainly used to respond to emergency coverage tasks in unexpected situations.

The satellite communication vehicle is a mobile team member in the team. The car is small in size, strong in maneuverability, and has limited terrain. The transmission uses satellite lines. It can be opened and put into use within one hour of arrival at the scene. It is mainly used for emergency communication needs for unpredictable emergencies.

As an emergency communication staff, what kind of understanding and support can the society and the public provide?

In the face of disasters, time is life. I hope that everyone will encounter emergency communication vehicles. While ensuring the safety of driving, please avoid the road car equipped with emergency lights and reduce the time for the emergency communication vehicles to arrive. In addition, at the security site, I hope that everyone can minimize the number of calls that are not related to the protection, avoid uploading a large number of pictures and videos, and provide sufficient channels for the disaster relief command to ensure the smooth flow of command information.

During the guarantee process, the emergency communication personnel will set up a warning area around the emergency communication vehicle. I hope that you do not enter or touch the relevant equipment at will. This is because a large number of precision instruments are integrated in the emergency communication vehicle, which may damage the equipment or generate static electricity, causing communication to be blocked or interrupted, delaying the emergency time and causing unnecessary losses.

In the event of a disaster, how should we personally use the mobile phone to save ourselves?

If you are experiencing a disaster, be sure to stay calm, stay calm, stay calm, and say important things three times!

If the network signal is relatively good, you can call the rescue call in the first time; if the network signal is weak or no signal, you should avoid making outgoing calls, keep the mobile phone as good as possible, find a relatively good signal position, and then call the rescue call. .

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