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How Many Interfaces Do NLOS Robot Video Transmitter Have?

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In order to meet the different needs of users, the same NLOS robot video transmitter carries many distinct interfaces. Have you ever thought of how many interfaces NLOS Robot video transmitter has? What are their respective functions? After all, they are so important to NLOS Robot video transmitter.


Here is the content list:

1. What Is HDMI of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

2. What Is USB 2.0 of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

3. What Is SMA RF of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

4. Why Should You Purchase NLOS Robot Video Transmitter From us?

What Is HDMI of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

Many people may be quite familiar to the word NLOS, because it not only exists in NLOS robot video transmitter, but also becomes common in LCD TV, notebook and desktop computer interface. So, what exactly is HDMI?

Generally speaking, HDMI of NLOS Robot video transmitter is a kind of HD video interface and a special digital interface suitable for NLOS Robot video transmitter image transmission. It is the most popular HD interface at present, which the ordinary VGA display interface can't be incomparable with. Like broadband telephone line broadband and optical fiber in broadband, the ability of COFDM UAV video and data links between the two is very different.

1. Definition

HDMI can transmit digital audio signals and add support for HDCP to access content of perfect definition. HDMI is a digital drone video transmission system interface. Since all analog communication demand no loss when converting from analog to digital in drone video transmission system, it can provide the best video quality. This difference is particularly evident at higher resolutions, such as 1080p.

2. Accessibility

HDMI integrates video and multi-channel audio in single cable, thus eliminating the cost, complexity and confusion of drone video transmission system. This is especially useful when upgrading or wireless video transmitter.

3. High Intelligence

HDMI supports UAV connection solutions between video source and DTV, and implements novice abilities such as automatic configuration and one-click playback. By using HDMI, the UAV connection solutions automatically adjusts itself to the HD format of the display, eliminating the trouble that consumers need to manually adjust the best viewing format.


What Is USB 2.0 of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

In recent years, with the popularity of a large number of UAV communication solutions supporting USB, it is a general trend that USB gradually becomes the standard interface of UAV communication solutions. In theory, the NLOS Robot video transmitter speed of USB 1.1 can reach 12 Mbps, while that of USB 2.0 can reach 480 Mbps, and can be downward compatible with USB 1.1.

1. Hot-plugging

This allows users to use USB cable plug-in directly when they are working on the computer instead of repeating the steps of shutting down the parallel or serial cables and then booting up in drone video transmission system.

2. Multi-device support

USB often has multiple interfaces on personal computers and can connect several long-range wireless video transmitters at the same time.

3. Convenience

Most USB devices for long-range wireless video transmitter are small, light and thin.


What Is SMA RF of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

SMA RF interface is a communication mode, also known as SMA RF connector. It is suitable for COFDM UAV video and data links up to twenty-six GHz. Applications include telecommunications, networks, UAV communication solutions and detection and dimension instruments, being used as a connection for radio frequency signals. SMA RF of UAV communication solutions has the characteristics of wide bandwidth, excellent performance, high reliability and long service life.

SMA RF is one of the basic components of drone video transmission system. It plays an important role in the field of drone video transmission system, that is, converting binary digital signal into high frequency radio electromagnetic wave signal in the long-range wireless video transmission of signal, and converting received electromagnetic wave signal into binary digital signal in the process of receiving signal. As an indispensable part of drone video transmission system, its product performance is very important.


Why Should You Purchase NLOS Robot Video Transmitter From us?

Our company is the leading drone video transmission system manufacture in China to launch the international first-class transmission equipment: 2km NLOS robot video transmitter, which fully adopt COFDM modulation and MPEG2 technology to overcome the problems caused by multipath reflection and occlusion of image transmission under analog technology and conventional modulation technology.

The image signal from drone video transmission system is transmitted to a video processing center such as a digital wireless OB van, a digital wireless studio, or a wireless command center.

Above is the introduction of NLOS robot video transmitter interface types, which have their respective roles to help the NLOS robot video transmitter complete the transmission work and provide convenience for our life. In addition to the three interfaces mentioned above, we also provide other kinds of NLOS robot video transmitter interfaces according to the needs of customers. If you need, you are welcome to consult at any time.

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