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IFLY wireless MIMO low frequency mesh helps forest fire prevention

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The wireless MIMO low-frequency Mesh device launched by IFLY meets various information of forest fire disaster sites and long-distance transmission of forest fire command centers in the rear. The system applies unique Mesh technology to transfer a large amount of data from fire disaster sites and on-site disposal opinions, Information such as rescue suggestions are uploaded to the forest fire command center through data, voice, and video. At the same time, the command center's on-site disposal opinions and rescue suggestions are delivered to the fire site in a timely and accurate manner. Its characteristics are as follows:

Non-line-of-sight transmission-IFLY's MIMO low-frequency mesh supports multiple frequency bands such as 400MHz, 1.4GHz, and 2.4GHz. It has good anti-aging performance and strong diffraction ability, which fully meets the requirements of forest fire communication because it moves with the progress of fire fighting. Fast, especially in mountainous areas, the non-line-of-sight transmission required by terrain and obstacles.

Rapid deployment—Facing the on-site situation of a sudden fire, how to grasp the first-hand information of the incident in a timely, accurate, and in-depth manner is crucial to whether the commanders at all levels of forest fire prevention can make correct judgments and handle them. effect. IFLY's MIMO low-frequency Mesh high-performance mobile base station uses single-frequency networking to strive to simplify field configuration and implementation to the greatest extent. It is flexible and flexible, and has a long communication distance. It meets the needs of front-line forest fire prevention personnel for rapid network construction and zero configuration after a fire. Requirements.

High bandwidth-supports 2 * 2 MIMO up to 60Mbps

Maneuverability—The location where the forest fire occurs is very random, and the forest fire field is erratic. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a temporary mobile base station for the fire field according to the conditions of the forest fire. The fire mobile base station is temporary, it is established when the fire appears, and it is evacuated when the fire is over. The IFLY low-frequency Mesh mobile base station uses lightweight, easy-to-use, and durable miniaturized technical equipment to facilitate rapid deployment and meet the random changes in forest fires.

Using IFLY's wireless MIMO low-frequency Mesh communication system, it plays the role of fire scene command and dispatch, leadership decision-making, and information transmission in the forest fire prevention and suppression process, eliminating fire alarms in the bud state and minimizing losses caused by fires .

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