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Mobile TD-LTE wireless private network enhances oilfield information capabilities

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At present, China is in the fast-moving stage of the integration of industrialization and informatization. Industries, mainly industries, need to realize intelligence, remoteness, real-time and automation. In China, the application of the Internet of Things has been officially listed as an important part of the national strategy, and it has been incorporated into the national key basic research and development plan (ie, the 973 plan). As a result of China's independent innovation, TD-LTE is a long-term evolution technology of the third-generation mobile communication international standard TD-SCDMA system. It has the characteristics of high data rate, low latency, and full packet-based. Its emergence is for the Internet of Things. Development has created favorable conditions.

In view of the characteristics of the petroleum industry, some enterprise mobiles have proposed the concept of digital oilfield construction and developed TDiN wireless private network systems with TD-LTE technology as the core.

TDiN is a miniaturized wireless private network system based on TD-LTE technology based on the needs of the industry market, taking full account of the specific characteristics of the industry. It supports high-speed broadband, has multiple frequency bands, and supports digital trunking technology, which can be widely used. Used in petroleum, electric power, mining and other fields.

The application of TDiN in digital oil fields is of great significance for improving oil and gas development and processing capabilities, improving management decision-making levels, and reducing operating risks. Relevant research shows that digital oilfields can greatly reduce the cost of oil production, and the average oilfield recovery factor can be increased from the current 30% to more than 50%.

Pilot application, digital oil field introduces TD-LTE

In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Ximeng area is vastly demobilized. On such a well-developed stratum and rich resources, a pilot TD-LTE network for the North China Oilfield is located here.

The pilot mainly provides TD-LTE full coverage for oil production areas and oil pipelines in the region, realizing video monitoring of oil and water wells, RTU sensor data and automatic control, ensuring safe production of the oil field, scientific management, building a digital oil field, and accelerating information on the oil field Construction. Among them, the oil production operation area includes multiple oil production areas, and each oil production area contains several oil production stations. Oil wells, water wells, screw wells, etc. are distributed under the oil stations, and include several thousand oil production wells. Based on the field wireless environment, site survey and detailed collection of information data of the oil field, combined with the wireless coverage requirements of the oil field business and the three-dimensional geographic information map, the TD-LTE wireless network pre-planning and parameter simulation were performed to form suitable for North China Wireless network construction plan for oilfield characteristics.

Because the North China Oilfield Experimental Station is located on the grassland, the terrain is flat, and the ground is 20 to 40 meters. The network system can also greatly reduce the cost of networking.

The CPE terminal uploads the video monitoring and RTU sensor data of the oil well to the experimental station (base station) in real time, connects with the upper-level core network equipment through optical transmission, and then sends it to the oil field monitoring center through the IP transmission network.

Digital oilfields to accelerate the integration of the two industries

Real-time monitoring of the working conditions of production wells, pipelines and storage tanks has always been an important and arduous task in oilfield production. The TD-LTE private network pilot project provided a powerful guarantee for oilfield production and safety, promoted oilfield production efficiency, and accelerated the construction of digital oilfields.

The digital oil communication special network has laid a solid foundation for solving the production safety communication of enterprises and improving the emergency communication capabilities, and has also laid a heartbeat for the development of communication information in the oil industry. As a solution provided on the Internet of Things, the TD-LTE private network will further realize the integration of the two industries and improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

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