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Several typical applications of drones in the field of emergency rescue

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Emergency rescue generally refers to activities and plans for the prevention, preparation, response and recovery of sudden and destructive emergencies. According to different types of emergency, it is divided into emergency rescue in the fields of health emergency, traffic emergency, fire emergency, earthquake emergency, factory and mine emergency, and family emergency. According to its specific application scenarios, there are other areas such as emergency mapping, emergency material delivery, emergency communications, high-level fire suppression, water rescue, life rescue and other fields. Due to the special nature of emergency rescue, its related equipment and products have strict requirements, and there are not many molded products that meet the conditions. Therefore, the emergency industry has also become a rising industry. However, with the development of the national economy and the advancement of science and technology, related enterprises and enterprises have also actively invested in research and development, united social forces, and developed more advanced and efficient equipment and tools.

Among them, equipment represented by transport aircraft, helicopters, drones, and special aircrafts have played an active role in natural disasters in recent years, and have shown excellent results in disaster awareness, search and rescue, and material delivery. Promote the establishment of China's aviation rescue system. Aviation rescue, as its name implies, is emergency rescue using aviation technology and equipment. Among the various methods and methods for disaster relief and emergency response, aviation rescue has become an effective rescue method widely used by countries around the world, especially because of its rapid response, high efficiency, and limited geographical space. Countries, as well as Russia, Switzerland, Australia and other countries have established various national aviation rescue systems.

As a member of the aviation rescue system, drones have the characteristics of low cost, easy operation, and high flexibility. They have played an important role in the fields of air surveillance, aerial mapping, air communication, air talk, emergency rescue, and emergency lighting. More and more important role. And when performing special tasks, UAVs can be remotely operated without causing casualties. They have advantages that are unmatched by other measures.

Let's introduce in detail some typical applications of drones in the field of emergency rescue:

Reconnaissance / search and rescue

Due to the complex and changeable environment of most natural disasters and accident scenes, large-scale reconnaissance equipment is difficult to enter. For example, some special accident scenes such as fire scenes, the environment is uncertain, and the personal safety of search and rescue personnel is difficult to guarantee. For such scenarios, use UAVs to conduct on-site reconnaissance, pre-judgment of disaster scenes by implementing image-transmitted images, and assist decision-making of the command department, which is conducive to more efficient and accurate rescue missions and reduce unnecessary losses.

In addition, when natural disasters such as earthquakes occur, the distribution of affected people is relatively scattered. Accurate search and rescue in a large area requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and the search and rescue efficiency is not high. UAVs can be deployed immediately after a disaster or an accident due to their maneuverability and flexibility to form an air search and rescue network system. In addition, by carrying special equipment such as infrared night vision and life detection, it can realize search and rescue missions under extreme and night conditions.

Emergency lighting

In the field of emergency lighting, aerial lighting is tied to drones, which solves the problem of nighttime outdoor, complex terrain, dangerous waters, large areas, and mobile lighting. It is well received by users for its safety and reliability, easy to carry, simple operation, practical and efficient. Praise, widely provide reliable lighting support for its multiple industries such as public security fire protection, army armed police, forestry environmental protection, power and water conservancy, petroleum and petrochemicals, emergency rescue, maritime search and rescue, and ground crew. Effectively improve and complement its existing industry equipment, and improve the handling capacity and efficiency in night emergencies and emergency rescue.

Emergency communication / megaphone

Emergency communication system refers to the communication guarantee in the event of an emergency or sudden increase in communication demand. Once a natural disaster occurs, the disaster situation can be transmitted in time, the disaster relief command and dispatch can be guaranteed, and the communication needs of the people in the disaster area can be met. The tethered unmanned airborne base station provides wireless signal coverage to the surrounding 15 kilometers, and realizes functions such as high-altitude lighting, aerial fixed-point surveillance, and long-distance communication relay.

Fire fighting

The city's high floors are endless, and the higher and higher floors bring great challenges to fire rescue. Firefighting equipment that is too high on the floor cannot reach the fire control quickly, and can only be left to raging, causing a major fire accident. In response to this problem, Walker has developed the ZHUN dual fire extinguishing drone, which has a large load capacity, strong wind resistance, and high accuracy in throwing. It can remotely fire fire extinguishing bombs in complex fire scene weather conditions, and can also spray fire at close range. Dry powder. ZHUN dual fire extinguishing drone is a fire extinguishing drone for high-rise buildings. It uses a folding fuselage design, super load and anti-tremor design, can quickly reach high-rise fire fields, use a high-power camera to observe the fire, and fire a fire drone.


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