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What Are Features of UAV Video Transmitter?

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HDMI Video transmitter drone

Whether you are a drone enthusiast or not, you must have seen drones in the news or in your life. Without even noticing it, drones are being used in every aspect of our lives, and All that relies on powerful UAV video transmitter technology. If you're interested in drones, why not follow this article to learn more about their features?


Here is the content list:

1. How Does UAV Video Transmitter Work?

2. What Are Features of UAV Video Transmitter Work?

3. What Advantages Do UAV Video Transmitter Have?


How Does UAV Video Transmitter Work?

The UAV video transmitter and receiver are advanced mobile communication core technologies, COFDM and digital image compression MPEG2 technology. They are highly integrated mobile non-line-of-sight digital image transmission devices, which can realize real-time and stable audio and video transmission. High speed movement and shading conditions of urban buildings.

The process of Video transmission of UAV Video Transmitter is that the video and audio which are shot by the camera are transmitted by microwave through the UAV video transmitter. After receiving that, the receiver displays the image content through the player, which is equivalent to a small mobile TV station.

The main function of video processing circuit of UAV video transmitter is to separate the composite video signal into image signal and synchronization signal, which are processed separately and then synthesized into a composite video signal of standard synchronization signal, which is sent to image modulation circuit and video processing circuit.


What Are Features of UAV Video Transmitter Work?

UAV video transmitter has the advantages of high definition, short latency, small size and long range transmission. UAV video transmitter is especially suited to bring aerial images of zonal areas, such as roads, railways, rivers, reservoirs, coastlines, etc.

1. Stability

Unmanned UAV video transmitter brings with it a remote sensing platform with easy operation and field transfer. Take-off and landing are limited by the site, but UAV in the playground, highway or other open ground can take off and land, its stability, safety, transition is very easy.

2. Universality

Multi - function UAV video transmitter is an important means of acquiring remote sensing information. Both photography and video equipment of remote sensing aerial photography are mainly equipped with modified UAV video transmitter, which can achieve the best effects of shooting black and white, color negative film and reverse film. We can also use a small digital camera or video wireless transmission technology for color photography. Small, light, low noise, energy saving, efficient and mobile, clear image, light, miniaturization and intelligence are prominent features of UAV video transmitter aerial photography.

3. Convenience

UAV video transmitter is an exclusive design wireless video transmitter with the 4th generation mobile communication core COFDM multi-carrier modulation technology, and high efficiency innovative H.264 compression code.

HD video audio monitor 50km Drone video launcher for UAV has strong light, low power consumption of OLED display control panel, integrated digital modulation, audio and video compression in combo. remote control aviation UAV video transmitter is suitable for mobile image, HD video, and it perform well in NLOS digital video transmission.

5km UAV video transmitter is not only small and light, but also has a good performance. For example, it can transmit high quality full 1080P video and audio even though there are some building blocks or high-speed mobile shooting.


What Advantages Do UAV Video Transmitter Have?

1. anti-interference

UAV video transmitter is effectively against the multipath interference of signal waveform with the COFDM modulation. When the frequency selective fading occurs due to multipath transmission in the channel, only the subcarriers in the band depression and the signal carried by them are affected. The other subcarriers are not affected. Therefore, the overall bit error rate of the system is lower.

2. Anti-multipath fading

COFDM wireless UAV video transmitter is effectively against the interference with the multi-carrier technique. Compared to the single carrier, multi-carrier inherently resistant to time delay and has strong multipath capability. With joint coding of subcarriers and frequency diversity of the channel, the UAV video transmitter system's performance is improved. Therefore, Drone video launcher system is suitable for multi-path environment and fading channel high-speed video data transmission.

3. Low-latency

Latency of UAV video transmitter is less than 50ms, which allows you to get images and data almost instantly.


If you search our products on the Internet, you will find that our UAV video transmitter not only has a beautiful appearance, but also a delicate design, its performance will surprise you. Our company only provides the best transmitters, among which 5km UAV video transmitter is one of the most popular products,looking forward to your call!

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