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Why Do You Need A UAV Video Transmitter?

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UAV Digital video sender

At present, UAV video transmitter has become a hot topic in the world. China also attaches great importance to the development of UAV, which has a solid foundation and has achieved certain results through increasing investment and support. It's smart to bring that brand with you at a time when the industry is still thriving, and you may be wondering why you need an UAV video transmitter, which is explained below.


Here is the content list:

1. What Are Advantages of UAV Video Transmitter?

2. How Do UAV Video Transmitters Make A Better City?

3. How Do UAV Video Transmitters Bring You A Better Life?


What Are Advantages of UAV Video Transmitter?

Drones have long had a near future in urban planning, as an extension of infrastructure and public services, making urban sprawl a "nomadic form". In the past, urban planning has been "linear", relying on the location of large infrastructure, hydropower networks and other resources, and based on road development on the ground. UAV video transmitter are expected to help cities overcome this limitation.

1. Flexibility

UAVs are very flexible. Requirements of UAV video transmitter are not high for working environment, and UAVs are capable of lifting or elevating in playground, road or other open areas.

2. Stability

UAV video transmitter is able to work at a low altitude, with a working height between 200 meters and 2,550 meters, which is less affected by clouds. It can perform normal work even on cloudy days, making work more efficient.

3. High-resolution

UAV video transmitter has very high resolution in terms of shooting, which is not an advantage of traditional aerial photography. With the digital camera installed on the current UAV, the low-level resolution of UAV video transmitter can be achieved at the level of centimeters, which makes the images taken clearer and more accurate when making judgments based on the images.

4. Low cost

The required cost is lower and maintenance is simpler. Compared with traditional aerial photography, UAV video transmitter has lower requirements than that of aerial photography in terms of maintenance personnel quantity and quality, which brings about lower operating cost of UAV.

5. Adaptation

Limitations of wired communication is too large, in case of some special applications, such as mountains, lakes, forests and other special geographical environment and the application of moving object, such as wiring difficult environment, to the wired network wiring project has extremely strong challenges. The UAV video transmitter that will not be restricted by the wireless data transmission equipment, so UAV video transmitter is better than cable communications has wider adaptability, almost without being limited by the geographical environment.



How Do UAV Video Transmitters Make A Better City?

The UAV video transmitters in urban planning and construction are in the application of measurement, regulation of illegal buildings and city construction three aspects of environmental monitoring, let's carry on the concrete analysis respectively.

1. Urban planning survey

In the current media reports can often see such a text: a provincial planning bureau to introduce aerial drones. In essence, many ascending planning departments in China are using UAV video transmitter to carry out urban planning and measurement. With its fast speed, long navigation time and wide coverage, it can effectively meet the requirements of urban planning and measurement. In addition, some new aerial survey UAVs at present have further simplified the working process of UAV video transmitter, making aerial photography more efficient and equipped with the function of handling navigation system data.

2. Urban illegal building supervision

In urban planning and construction, illegal building is always a headache. However, in the traditional illegal building supervision, it is mainly conducted through manual supervision, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources which takes a long time, and is very inefficient.

With aerial shooting and patrolling, the real situation of buildings in the patrolling area can be seen very quickly. If there is an illegal building, photos can be taken timely, which can be transmitted by UAV video transmitter, as an important basis of later law enforcement.

3. Environmental monitoring in urban construction projects

Regulators for effective enforcement regulation of environmental monitoring in urban construction project use the UAV video transmitter to obtain evidence, such as the planning and construction of the project design and field survey in UAV video transmitter on the site and the surrounding area ecological environment to obtain evidence, then can send UAV video transmitter monitoring, for the environmental protection department determine environmental evaluation conclusion and provide basis for the rationality of the environmental protection measures.


How Do UAV Video Transmitters Bring You A Better Life?

Drones represent a lot of opportunity in many different industries. The potential is that the drone market is expected to reach $100 billion in the next five years, with 1 billion drones expected to fly in the skies by 2030, as a core part, the needs of UAV video transmitter will be increasing.

In addition to providing practical applications, UAV video transmitter are also being invested as a form of entertainment. With the development of entertainment UAV video transmitter, various competitions of unmanned aerial vehicles have emerged in an endless stream. At the beginning of this year, ESPN, a mainstream sports channel, has positioned drone racing as a sport competition activity.

According to the current trend, in the future, it is not impossible for UAV video transmitter competitions to grow like racing cars, with great potential. If you can seize this opportunity, drones will not only give you entertainment, but also improve your life.


To sum up, this industry is in the ascendant and has great potential for development. It is time to own a really high-quality UAV video transmitter for UAVs. If you feel that you want to purchase our UAV video transmitter or cooperate with us, we will wholeheartedly serve you.

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