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Fast, intelligent, complete - IFLY emergency communication

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With the acceleration of urban construction, new urbanization and rapid development of new industrialization, production safety incidents and social security incidents are also on the rise. On the other hand, accidents are always unexpected, and natural disaster events and public safety incidents occur from time to time.


In order to reduce emergencies and the casualties and losses caused by them, and to safeguard the lives and property of the people, it is necessary to make adequate emergency preparedness, monitoring, early warning, disposal and rescue for emergencies. The smoothness of the communication network is crucial for the rapid response to disaster emergency, and the powerful emergency rescue capability can create miracles when a crisis occurs!


Facing the emergency actual combat situation under the new situation, according to the characteristics of emergency operations and communication security, IFLY integrates innovative products and technologies such as broadband and narrowband, and launches integrated emergency communication solutions to realize key voice, video communication and command and dispatch in an emergency.


Rapid deployment, strive for every minute of time


The golden rescue time for land flooding is 72 hours. The prime time for post-earthquake rescue is 72 hours. The prime time for first aid after injury is 4 minutes, the prime time for marine disaster relief is 12 hours, and the prime time for fire rescue is 4 minutes. . Only by grasping the critical every minute, can the sudden disaster losses be reduced to a lower level.


The IFLY integrated emergency communication solution uses a small, lightweight, modular design that is easy to store and transport. One-button booting can be automatically set up, and a complete wireless communication command system can be deployed in a short period of time to ensure rapid response of the communication network in an emergency. The flexible networking mode can meet different types of application scenarios.


IntelliSense, visual emergency command


IFLY wide and narrow band fusion smart walkie-talkie, can connect peripheral devices including video shoulder microphone, heart rate headset, wristband watch, smart holster, etc., build a full set of intelligent sensing system, intelligently perceive the surrounding environment, early warning, on-site forensics. On the other hand, the field data information is collected by the air breathing apparatus collection device, the vital sign monitoring device, the indoor positioning device, etc., and the backhaul is realized by the intelligent access gateway. In the background, relying on big data analysis, help the commander to quickly determine the first-line situation, give the front-line personnel the best instructions and give users full security protection.


The portable command and dispatch station integrates intelligent dispatching, map display and video surveillance. It can monitor combat information in real time on the emergency site, provide multiple links to choose from, and interconnect with the rear command center to realize linkage emergency command.



Safe and reliable fully converged network


In critical moments, public safety and emergency communications require the cooperation of broadband and narrowband, public and private networks, and voice and video communication is required. This requires the emergency communication platform to have compatible communication capabilities. IFLY integrates PDT, 4G private network, 4G public network, Mesh, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other networks to reduce connection and transfer between devices through air interface protocol, complete communication support tasks, and truly support and help fire users to achieve live audio. Deep integration of video, command business and so on.


According to the strength of the on-site network signal, devices in different networks can automatically switch to the communication link with the strongest signal coverage to ensure smooth communication, improve the availability of the emergency communication system at the disaster scene, and ensure the efficiency of rescue operations. Seamless communication between multiple networks can automatically switch the communication mode, and only one "one network" is felt by customers.


Each module of the system has fault analysis and fault tolerance, and the built system is safe and reliable with strong stability. The equipment is powerful in waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and drop-proof, and can fully adapt to the harsh disaster relief environment of the emergency communication site.


The integrated emergency communication solution can achieve good compatibility with the old communication means and equipment that the customer has already used. It can realize flexible configuration, expand the system scale and functions at different stages of system construction, and facilitate users to transform, expand and upgrade the system. .


IFLY is close to the user in the field of public safety and emergency communication. The integrated emergency system has strong openness and supports third-party system access. It can be developed according to customer needs to meet more needs of different industries.

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