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Troubleshooting of Drone Video Transmitter

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While users can regulate the frequency of a drone video transmitter according to their needs, that doesn't mean that all of the glitches can be resolved by the customer himself. A malfunction with a drone video transmitter can bring with it a significant loss of functionality that both customers and manufacturers feel uncomfortable with.

Drone Video TransmittersHere is the content list:

1. What Problems Drone Video Transmitter May Have?

2. How to Do Troubleshooting of Drone Video Transmitter?

3. How to Eliminate Faults of Drone Video Transmitter?

What Problems Drone Video Transmitter May Have?

The failure of a long-range wireless video transmitter is usually caused by the loss of original precision or performance of certain parts, structures or systems of a long-range wireless video transmitter, which results in the loss or reduction of events or phenomena of its specified functions, manifested as abnormal operation of the device, such as interrupted operation, reduced efficiency or damage. Here come some most common problems of UAV video transmitter.

1. Data loss

When the drone's control power is turned on, the drone video transmitter transmits no data from the drone.

2. Jelly effect

The Jell-O effect occurs when the image moves too much or the fuselage vibrates too much, leaving the UAV communication solutions 's sensors unable to capture the image in real time.

3. Blurred shot

Many drone enthusiasts feel that the image of a UAV communication solutions is not very clear after the lens has been used for a while, with a blurred lens that appears to be covered by something.

How to Do Troubleshooting of Drone Video Transmitter?

We can use a fault prediction method for drone airborne transmitters, which features the following steps:

Generating fault response signal based on drone video transmitters. The first fault signal is obtained in the fault response signal. The first fault signal includes more than one of the power signals, frequency signal and spectrum signal. Feature parameters are extracted from the first fault signal of UAV video transmitter.

The characteristic parameters include peak bandwidth or phase noise value. Fault prediction based on the characteristic parameters where the fault prediction according to the characteristic parameters is: fault prediction of wireless video transmitter solutions due to different prior conditions according to the extracted characteristic parameters.

Prior conditions include known mathematical type model and unknown mathematical type model. The known mathematical type model corresponds to the prediction method under the known condition of the model, and the unknown mathematical type model corresponds to the prediction method under the known condition of the whole process fault data of wireless video transmitter solutions degradation and the partially known fault data.

The failure prediction methods with known models include strong tracking SCKF with multiple fading factors, sequential limit learning machine method and chi-square test. The fault prediction methods adopted under the condition that the degraded whole-process fault data are known include: the sensitivity pruned ELM method and the multi-classification probability ELM method. The fault prediction methods of drone video transmitter adopted under the condition that the fault data part is known include: sequential resample-bootstrap and afoos-elm method.

How to Eliminate Faults of Drone Video Transmitter?

Mentioned above drone video transmission system troubleshooting method is quite difficult to understand, right? Perhaps you can try some general methods, which are usually used to solve everyday problems, and further repairs are best left to the manufacturer.

Check whether wireless video transmitter solutions connections between joint is loose or not, whether to click the link button, a serial port station is set up correctly, a serial port baud rate is set correctly, ground station and unmanned aerial vehicle digital channels if set consistent, GPS data is on the plane to the flight control, and as long as there is a link problems cannot transfer, reconnect after check and correct. If after checked the connection, restart the station computer and aircraft power supply system, generally can restore wireless video transmitter solutions transport.

When it comes to dealing with Jelly effect, one is manual slow down shutter speed, let the drone video transmitters sensors have plenty of time to capture the current screen; The other only enhances the drone's anti-vibration capabilities.

The cognitive level of personnel, as well as the level of practical experience of drone video transmission system in troubleshooting, plays a very important role in the completion of the above series of troubleshooting processes.

Therefore, the troubleshooting of drone video transmission system is often more difficult and complex than the operation of the device, requiring constant learning, practice and accumulation of maintenance personnel.

I hope that drone video transmitter's troubleshooting method will be helpful to you. In most cases, we do not recommend that you troubleshoot on your own, as it is possible to cause hazards by improper operation, and you can refer troubleshooting to us. Feel free to contact us for a high-quality drone video transmitter or further suggestions, we are always waiting for you.

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