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What Are Differences Between Industrial and Commercial UAV Video Transmitter?

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It was as if, overnight, drones had gone from inscrutable military hardware to high-class toys for everyone. This change is due to the popularity of UAV video transmitter in recent years. Among the numerous UAV video transmitter, there are portable aerial photography UAV video transmitter for us, and professional video transmitter that can cost hundreds of thousands as well. What are their characteristics and what are their differences? If you're curious about these questions, why not read this article?

UAV Video Transmitter

Here is the content list:

1. What Is Commercial UAV Video Transmitter?

2. What Is Industrial UAV Video Transmitter?

3. What Are Differences Between Industrial and Commercial UAV Video Transmitter?

What Is Commercial UAV Video Transmitter?

What is commercial long-range wireless video transmitter? As the name implies, commercial wireless video transmitter solutions bring products and services directly to consumers or products that belong to consumer level products or entertainment drone video transmitter.

At present, commercial UAV communication solutions is commonly applied with its function of content shooting, either aerial or ultra-low-altitude selfies. Commercial long range wireless video transmitter has more significance in entertainment. Compared with other UAV, commercial UAV with better performance are better suited to the novice. But the price is relatively cheap, and generally with a camera, suitable for individual users and interested in aerial photography enthusiasts.

What Is Industrial UAV Video Transmitter?

Requirements of industrial UAV video transmitter come directly from specific industries, with special operating environment, which brings higher restrictions of precise positioning of functions, high adaptability of environment and high reliability. It can realize industrial three types of protection: fire protection, rain protection, and dust protection. Industrial grade drone video transmitter can carry out normal work in a variety of complex environments, such as rainy or snowy days, cold areas, high temperature fire areas, electromagnetic interference, etc. Industrial UAV video transmitter has higher requirements in terms of endurance, carrying weight, safety and reliability, etc. Besides, industrial UAV should be customized with different modules according to different areas of use.

As an efficient and convenient auxiliary means, industrial COFDM UAV video and data links has been brought by the industry with great development in recent years because it has been constantly evolving into professional fields and adapting to complex and varied use environments.

What Are Differences Between Industrial and Commercial UAV Video Transmitter?

1. Supported devices

It is easiest to distinguish the two from the supported devices. In general, commercial drone video transmitter supports cameras, cameras and similar shooting equipment. According to the need will be equipped with the head and picture transmission radio. Industrial level UAV video transmitter will be equipped with various professional detection equipment, such as thermal infrared camera, hyperspectral camera, laser radar, atmosphere detector and so on, according to different requirements of the industry. Still, there are plenty of industrial level COFDM UAV video and data links that support optical cameras. So, you can't really tell the two apart just from the devices you support.

2. Target user

Most commercial UAV video transmitters for ordinary consumers or aerial amateur, emphasize drone portability and ease of operation, the user often is sensitive to price. Industrial-grade drone video transmission system are mainly for industry users optimize customization production, emphasizing the integrity of the solution and due to more customization and production in general is not big, generally high prices.

3. Service conditions

This is the biggest difference between the two, but often easy to ignore. Similar to other electronic consumer products, commercial type UAV video transmitter plays a major role in satisfying consumers' entertainment requirements. So commercial type UAVs are mostly used as flying cameras, with using the requirements of low difficulty, use frequency and occasions similar to the traditional model aircraft.

Industrial level UAV communication solutions mainly serves the daily work of all walks of life, as an efficient and convenient auxiliary means to replace the original tools. Therefore, the use environment is not only complex and changeable, but also requires that the UAV communication solutions itself has certain protective measures to reduce the damage of itself and associated injuries caused by accidents. Taking electric drones as an example, it is required that the drone video transmitter should have as long navigation time as possible and as long communication distance as possible, as well as sufficient reliability to satisfy the repeated use of years and months. Moreover, it is also required to optimize the UAVs according to the various dangers that the UAVs face when patrolling the lines. All of these features have been gradually formed in the process of evolution and improvement since UAV video transmitter entered the professional field, which is also the biggest difference between industry UAV and commercial UAV.

Fortunately, with the continuous development of UAV technology, commercial UAV video transmitter has become increasingly powerful, which has already met or even surpassed the requirements of industrial level COFDM UAV video and data links in some aspects. This is a benefit that advances in technology have brought to all drone users. In this ever-changing field, our company has been thinking about how to use COFDM UAV video and data links to better realize customers' goals and serve the society. If you are interested in purchasing an drone video transmitter, welcome to visit our website!

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