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How Long Is Link Rebuild Time of Drone Video Transmitter?

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Drone video transmitter connections can sometimes vanish during flights. On the condition that signal doesn't recover connection all the time, which is beyond just the video problem, you might even lose your drone. While you're waiting, you're bound to wonder how long does drone video transmitter re-establish the link, as every second seems to be so long.


Here is the content list:

1. What Leads to Lost Links of Drone Video Transmitter?

2. What Can You Do to Rebuild Links of Drone Video Transmitter?

3. How to Realize Instantaneous Transmission of Drone Video Transmitter?

What Leads to Lost Links of Drone Video Transmitter?

Drone video transmitter brings convenience to shooting, but at the same time, it brings problems with its use. Such as signal lose, instability, screen mosaic and so on. In addition to the performance of the wireless video transmitter itself, some external factors have a great impact on connectivity.

1. Transmission distance

The transmission distance of wireless video transmitter solutions can be large or small, but the distance can affect the strength or weakness of signal. Radio waves are attenuated due to their physical properties. As a result, the transmitter's signal is weak when it is too far from a wireless transmitter, while the closer it is to that transmitter, the stronger that signal will be.

2. Obstacles

Transmitter's signal will be greatly attenuated after it passes through the obstacles of reinforced concrete walls, steel plates, trees, metal products and so on. That's not a problem with a UAV communication solution. In the use of drone video transmitter, users are advised to avoid some obstacles as far as possible. It is better to place the wireless video transmitter solutions close to a window or door when using it indoors, which can reduce the barrier of wireless signals from walls.

3. Signal interference

Electromagnetic environment, strong signals, wireless equipment of the same frequency, and other factors can bring about strong interference to the UAV video transmitter signal, so when using the wireless video transmitter solutions, try to avoid the factors that have great influence on the transmission signal.

What Can You Do to Rebuild Links of Drone Video Transmitter?

1.Check the light color of the drone. If it is red, readjust the drone video transmitter frequency.

2. If there is no image transmission signal in the flight process, eliminate environmental interference, it is recommended to use other mobile devices, better decoding new energy. If there is no image transmission of the drone video transmission system after the upgrade, be sure that both the UAV video transmitter and the aircraft firmware have been successfully upgraded.

3. Inspect the channel quality of drone video transmission system through the interface of HD image transmission. If the channel quality is poor, please check the antenna position and keep the remote-control antenna parallel to the foot stand of the aircraft. Secondly, you can manually select the long-range wireless video transmitter channel and lower the image transmission code rate. If the interference is serious, please change the flight field.

How to Realize Instantaneous Transmission of Drone Video Transmitter?

Drone video transmitter mainly has three frequency bands, namely 1.2ghz, 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz. The 2.4ghz band is very crowded with wi-fi, Bluetooth and wireless mouse all working in this area, while the 1.2ghz band belongs to the regulatory band in most parts of the world, and the 5.8ghz band has very little interference at present. As a result, today's long-range wireless video transmitters mostly function in 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz bands.

Numerous data show that the transmission performance of the 5.8ghz band drone video transmitter is better than that of the 2.4ghz band, but in fact, the higher the wavelength of the radio, the shorter the wavelength will be. Although the radio has a stronger penetrating force, its actual diffusing ability is worse. In other words, with the same objective factors, the 5.8ghz band drone video transmitter technology is not as capable of physically blocking transmission in space as the 2.4ghz band drone video transmitter.

With the advantages brought by drone video transmitter, I have to face some thorny problems. The shorter the time it takes to restore a link with a UAV communication solution, the better. Our company promises that once the signal is restored, long-range wireless video transmitter will restore the link of image transmission in one second, which puts us at the forefront of science and technology with abundant scientific research technology.

How long it takes a drone video transmitter to re-establish a link, we believe that after reading the above words, you have an answer in your mind. At the same time, you probably have a decision in mind about which drone video transmitter to purchase. A good drone video transmitter depends not only on its own quality, but also on its after-sales service. If you need our help, we will try our best to serve you.

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