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How To Improve UAV Video Transmitter RF Signals Integrity?

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Have you ever experienced signal loss when using a radio? Anyone who has ever had this experience will not like the sound or sight. To this end, we have spent a lot of time and money to improve the radio frequency signal integrity of the drone video transmitter.


Here is the content list:

1. What Is RF Signals Integrity of UAV Video Transmitter?

2. What Affects UAV Video Transmitter RF Signals Integrity?

3. How to Improve RF Signal Integrity of UAV Video Transmitter?


What Is RF Signals Integrity of UAV Video Transmitter?

Radio frequency signal integrity of UAV video transmitter refers to the quality of radio frequency signals in the transmission path, which can be ordinary metal wire, optical equipment or other media. Good signal integrity means that you have the voltage level values you need to implement when needed. The integrity of the poor Drone video RF signal is caused not by a single factor, but by many factors in the system design.


The incomplete UAV video transmitters signal usually refers to the distortion of the high-speed digital signal after it has passed through the transmission path due to the characteristics of the path. When digital circuits first appeared, due to the low transmission rate of signals, the low-frequency and dc method of UAV video transmitter can be used in circuit analysis. However, as the RF signal frequency becomes higher and higher, the analog characteristics of the circuit become more and more apparent, so some people say that signal integrity is the bridge between digital and analog. Digital circuit engineers already need a lot of basic theories of RF and microwave circuits to analyze digital circuits. To test the signal integrity of high-end Drone video launcher, the laboratory needs to be equipped with both oscilloscope and network analyzer.


UAV video transmitters signal integrity project is to analyze and mitigate the negative effects of a task, at all levels of electronic packaging and assembly, such as UAV video transmitters of internal connections, printed circuit board and many other aspects is a very important activity.


What Affects UAV Video Transmitter RF Signals Integrity?

The main issues considered for RF signal integrity of UAV video transmitters include ringing, crosstalk, ground skew, signal loss and noise in the power supply.

1. Ringing

The UAV video transmitters ringing the RF signal is how to produce? If a change in impedance is sensed during RF transmission, the signal is reflected. This signal could be driving end of UAV video signal from the transmitters, may also be a distal reflected the reflection signal. According to the formula of reflection coefficient, negative reflection of UAV video transmitter occurs when the signal feels less impedance, and the reflected negative voltage causes the signal to rush down. The signal is repeatedly reflected between the driver and the remote load, resulting in the RF signal ringing of UAV video transmitter.

2. Crosstalk

Crosstalk is probably the Drone video launcher data for high-speed transmission in one of the most important influence factors. It is an undesirable amount of energy produced by coupling one signal to another. According to Maxwell’s law, whenever there is a current, there is a magnetic field, and the interference between magnetic fields is the source of crosstalk. The induction signal may cause the UAV video transmitters data transmission loss and transmission errors.

3. Absorption

Most of the things that RF signal encounters make RF signals smaller, including air, rain, wood, and even plants. We can think of these things as some type of passive device with a certain amount of loss. Just like when it rains, we received the TV receiving interference, UAV video transmitters will be affected by environmental factors.


How to Improve RF Signal Integrity of UAV Video Transmitter?

To improve RF signal integrity, you can do these things:

1. Increase the spacing between UAV video transmitters signal paths.

2. Use a lower permittivity layer.

3. Reduces the characteristic impedance of the signal path.

4. Keep coupling lengths as short as possible.

Pretty hard, right? Even an operator with years of experience has difficulty in immediately determining how to compensate the integrity of an UAV video transmitter. Therefore, we recommend you to make another choice——purchase your UAV video transmitter from our company.


Conductive anodizing craft of our Drone video launcher improves the integrity of RF signals. What's more, a software for parameters adjusting is offered to the system, and then the user can install the software in your PC and connect the system with your PC. Then the user is allowed to change the frequency of UAV video transmitter by 1Mhz step. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.


Ways to improve the integrity of UAV video transmitter requires professional operation, so that you can hand it over to us, and we will bring you the best products. If you want to cooperate with us or want more information, please visit our website, we are waiting for you!

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