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How to Maintain Drone Video Transmitter?

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As a highly integrated body of large electronic equipment, drone video transmitter plays an increasingly important role in many fields. It can replace human beings to complete a series of tasks that are not suitable for human beings and are highly dangerous. With the particularity of drone video transmitter, it brings great loss when it suffers from malfunction, so it is very important to carry out routine maintenance.


Here is the content list:

1. How to Detect Anomalies of Drone Video Transmitter?

2. How to Improve Drone Video Transmission Speed?

3. How to Do Daily Maintenance of Drone Video Transmission?


How to Detect Anomalies of Drone Video Transmitter?

As an important link in UAV system, long range wireless video transmitter is an information bridge connecting aircraft platform with ground operation command personnel and equipment. Due to long range wireless video transmitter with the integration of electronic equipment, complexity and intelligent degree is more and more high, influence factors on the performance of drone video transmission system is more and more complex, not only related to each other between different parts of the same equipment, but also exist between different devices closely linked, thus directly lead to the result of UAV video transmitter detection diagnosis more and more difficult. Therefore, the accuracy and rapidity of drone video transmitter's fault diagnosis have higher requirements.

As one of the commonly used methods of COFDM UAV video and data links fault diagnosis, fault tree diagnosis is an important method of risk evaluation of system reliability and security analysis. Based on the analysis of various factors that may cause the malfunction of drone video transmitter, including hardware, software, environment and cognitive factors, this method can determine the various ways and frequency of the malfunction of COFDM UAV video and data links, and summarize a set of general diagnosis process through the specific application of fault tree in the diagnosis of drone video transmitter.

Whether the fault tree is constructed correctly or not is the key to the success of drone video transmitter fault diagnosis and detection. On the basis of analyzing its working principle and combining with the inspection data of manual diagnosis, the fault tree can be constructed. Experimental results show that this approach improves the efficiency of wireless video transmitter solutions system in fault diagnosis and achieves the desired effect.


How to Improve Drone Video Transmission Speed?

Have you ever been annoyed by video transmission speed? Note that this could be a sign of a drone video transmitter's malfunction. Nobody wants video transmitting to be slow. In order to enhance the data transmission performance of UAV images and reduce the power consumption of wireless video transmitter solutions as much as possible, we provide a UAV video high-speed transmission method.

Drone video transmitter usually transmits images of ground objects under the condition of high altitude and high-speed flight, resulting in images that are very different from those of general images. With the high-flying height and high speed of UAV, the target pixels in images obtained by UAV video transmitter are small and the number of targets is large, which results in poor intra-frame correlation. Plus, the image is full screen motion, the inter-frame correlation is poor. Therefore, the encoder of drone video transmitter video must adopt high resolution and motion compensation algorithm to satisfy the high-quality image compression and transmission with low bit rate.

The introduction of wireless video transmitter COFDM technology is actually to improve the spectrum utilization of carriers, or to improve the modulation of multiple carriers. Its feature is that each subcarrier is orthogonal to each other, so that the spectrum after spread spectrum modulation can overlap with each other, thus reducing the mutual interference between subcarriers. With the application of COFDM technology, our company's drone video transmitter strives to bring customers an excellent experience.


How to Do Daily Maintenance of Drone Video Transmission?

While wireless video transmitter is wireless, with lower maintenance cost than that of wired equipment, that doesn't mean that we can neglect its daily maintenance. Only by doing routine maintenance can it respond your demand at critical times.

1. Pay attention to working environment

To keep the drone video transmitter at its best, it should be protected from high temperature, humidity, or strong electromagnetic fields.

2. Don't plug & unplug with electricity

Don't put a drone video transmitter in the transmitter state continuously, which may cause the transmitter to be damaged. Don't plug or unplug the serial port with electricity, which can easily cause the communication interface to be damaged.

3. Select appropriate current

With respect to the UAV video transmitter, it should be equipped with dc power supply, avoiding lightning, over current or over voltage.


Our company has always ensured that our customers have stable and reliable use of their drone video transmitter with its high-quality and efficient support services. To this end, we have established a high-quality after-sales service team. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our company.

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