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UAV Patrols the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the Snow to Ensure Traffic Safety

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The Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing is the main north-south traffic route of China. In the winter of 2018, after the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge was closed for 27 months, it was "welcome" two snowfalls within 10 days. Every snowfall is a severe test of the smooth traffic on the bridge. The maintenance work of the Yangtze River Bridge is under the responsibility of the Nanjing Traffic Police Team, which has used the drone as one of the means for daily inspection of the bridge. In addition, the drone also combines a cloud management system and a video transmission system to monitor the bridge's situation in real time.

In the past snowfall, the drone equipped with the management cloud system and video transmission system cooperated with the traffic police to successfully complete bridge patrolling task.

In order to ensure the drone can smoothly patrol the bridge in extreme weather such as heavy rain and snow, the flight team prepared three different types of drones with zoom and infrared functions. Drones with these functions can help traffic polices to quickly start the flight and amplify the bridge deck conditions to assist in bridge road traffic inspection work.

UAV Video Transmitter

Considering the snowfall factor, the traffic police detachment selected equipment with waterproof, low temperature, defogging and other functions to ensure safely operating in the -20 ° C scene and shooting high-definition pictures and video.

Precautions for performing bridge inspections task during snowfall:

1 Rainproof and snow-proof of drones

2 Battery insulation and charging issues

3 Dry the airplane and camera lens immediately after shooting

4 The battery needs to be kept above 15 °C before it can take off to ensure flight safety.

drone video transmitters

The road information collected by the drone will be transmitted to the cloud platform for road monitoring and surveying in real time. With this data, the traffic police team can detect road obstacles, snow spots, snow cover and traffic conditions in a timely manner.

The traffic police team can also view the flight history, flight routes, flight time and flight information of the drone in real time, which can help them to quickly direct flight precision shooting.

drone video transmitter

After the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge was reopened, the Nanjing Public Security Bureau paid more attention to the application of technology in the management of the bridge. Make full use of big data and new technologies to promote the deep integration of various information data resources and police mechanisms.

In addition to the UAV patrol bridge, the Nanjing Traffic Police Detachment also installed modules such as screaming devices and airdrop equipment in the drone. UAV systems are also used in daily traffic management and monitoring. In addition to the "black technology" equipment related to drones, the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is also equipped with high-altitude lookout probes distributed on each side of the bridge to achieve full-bridge surveillance video without dead angle coverage.

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