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25ms latency SDI/HDMI Video CODEC FPGA Modules


FV-ULT/ULS is mini Video CODEC Modules integrated an FPGA and SPI Flash pre-configured with the Encoder, Decoder, or Transcoder firmware. The main feature of modules is 25ms short latency. It supports HDMI and SDI output and input.

Product Description

Main Features

➢ Ultra-low latency H.264 codec board

➢ Resolution: 1080p60/50/30/25, 1080i60/50, 720p60/50, 720x576, 720x480

➢ FV-ULS supports 3G SDI/HDMI input(for your option)

➢ FV-ULT supports 3G SDI output + HD HDMI output

➢ Default color space 4:2:0 (4:2:2 on request)

➢ Bit rate can be configured

➢ Automatically detect the resolution of the input signal

➢ Total latency of Encoding + 100Mbps Ethernet transmission + decoding + display: 

    1920x1080p30: ≤50ms                                                           

    1280x720p60: ≤25ms

➢ Quick start: the start time≤100ms after power on

➢ The detection time of FV-ULS is 2s~3s after inputting SDI or HDMI signal, and then it starts coding

➢ The detection time of FV-ULT is 2s~3s after inputting the video stream, and then starts decoding

➢ Size: 45x70x1.2mm

Encoding Board: FV-ULS

Streaming Video Encoders Board

Encoding Board FV-ULS:

  • 1*IPEX socket with 3G SDI input (Resolution: 1920x1080p60)

  • 1* 3G SDI loop-out IPEX socket for option(not welded with related chips in default)

  • 1*MiniHDMI socket, supporting HDMI 1.4 standard (Resolution:1920x1080p60

Decoding Board: FV-ULT

video decoder board

Decoding Board FV-ULT:

  • 1*3G SDI output IPEX socket (Resolution: 1920x1080p60)

  • 1*MiniHDMI socket, supporting HDMI 1.4 standard (Resolution:1920x1080p60)

  • 8 status indicator LED lights on the front side

  • 26p 0.5mm cable interface with multiple functions:

      1. DC 5.3V~18V Input

      2. 100M Ethernet PHY for transmitting encoded video stream

      3. Configure pin for DIP switch or SPI

  • 20p 0.5mm cable interface is for TS_SPI, optional by firmware. It can be configured as 8bit TS data or 1bit TS data.

  • The serial number, located in a gold area on the front of the PCB

  • The programming interface is used to write firmware. It needs to cooperate with the programming switch board to convert the horn plug of the USB Blaster to a flat cable.

  • There are two programming interfaces(16p 0.5mm and 10p 0.5mm) for boards of different batches. Their functions are the same, but different programming switch boards are required.

  • The programming interface and programming switch board, USB Blaster connection method is shown as below, use the same side of the cable to connect(note: the blue reinforcing plate of the cable is facing upwards.

programming Connection

100M Ethernet PHY schematic shown as below, the chip is Microchip KSZ8091RNA

100M Ethernet PHY schematic


➢ Size: 45x70x1.2mm

➢ Electronic components on front side: the max height 2mm

➢ Electronic components on back side: MiniHDMI socket height 3.5mm, other components max height 2mm

The figure below is a schematic diagram of the size, the pin1 of the cable socket has a triangle to indicate


Note: DXF format PCB device location map can be provided for accurate measurement of structural design.

Working Temperature

-40 ~ 85℃

Power Consumption

FV-ULS: 3.7 W

FV-ULT: 3.2 W

Power Input 5.3~18V


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