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How Much Is Baud Rate of Drone Video Transmitter?

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Baud rate is sometimes confused with bit rate, but in fact they are very different, because the role of baud rate for wireless video transmitter is irreplaceable. Many people don't know about baud rate, let alone how much is baud rate of drone video transmitter. Today let me show you the role of baud rate in wireless video transmitter.


Drone Video Transmitter

Here is the content list:

1. What Is Baud Rate of Drone Video Transmitter?

2. How Much Is Baud Rate of Drone Video Transmitter?

3. Why Does Drone Video Transmitter Set Porter Rate?


What Is Baud Rate of Drone Video Transmitter?

In the information transmission channel, the signal of long-range wireless video transmitter unit carrying data information is called symbol, and the number of symbols of drone video transmission system transmitted through the channel every second is called symbol transmission rate, short for baud rate. The baud rate of drone video transmission system is an indicator of the bandwidth of the transmission channel. The rate of analog line signal is measured by the number of oscillations per second of waveform. If the data of drone video transmission system is not compressed, the baud rate is equal to the number of data bits transmitted per second.

If the data is compressed, the number of drone video transmission system data bits transmitted per second is usually larger than the modulation rate, resulting in occasional errors in switching using baud and bit/second.

Strictly speaking, baud rate is not in the field of drone video transmission system transmission, and the words of transmission and channel are liable to confuse. Baud rate describes the ability of wireless video transmitter modulating signals in unit time. The signals modulated by baud rate are transmitted in the form of bits in UAV communication solutions. In other words, in the process of UAV communication solutions transmission, if the signals of drone video transmission system need to be modulated after digital-to-analog conversion, then the transmission time is consumed in addition to other things. In addition, it is also consumed in the modulation process and the drone video transmission system transmission process in the channel, describing the baud rate for signal modulation capability of wireless video transmitter and the bit rate for signal transmission capability.


How Much Is Baud Rate of Drone Video Transmitter?

Our wireless video transmitter has a baud rate of 115200 bps, or 10.27 KB/s. has a baud rate of 115200 bps, or 10.27 KB/s. Why is it the number 115200 exactly?

RS232 protocol does not stipulate the maximum transmission rate, but stipulates that when the transmission rate is less than 20 kb/s, the transmission distance can reach 15 meters. As the distance decreases, the rate increases.

When the drone's control power is turned on, but the ground station receives no data from the wireless video transmitter, we are ought to check whether the connections between joint is loose or not, whether to click the link button, a serial port station is set up properly, a serial port baud rate of wireless video transmitter is set correctly, wireless video transmitter ground stations and aircraft digital channel is set consistent, GPS data is on the plane to the flight control. As long as there is a COFDM UAV video and data link in the problem cannot communicate, check and re-connect. If it fails to connect after check, restart the power supply of the ground station computer and aircraft system, and the UAV communication solutions can be adapted.


Why Does Drone Video Transmitter Set Porter Rate?

1. Physical characteristics & equipment requirements

According to the physical characteristics of electrical and transmission media, combined with the requirements of wireless video transmitter solutions, in order to ensure effective communication, the maximum wireless video transmitter transmission rate of RS232 can only be 115200, and then other figures can be obtained step by step. In order to adapt to these rates, the corresponding crystal frequency of wireless video transmitter is designed.

2. Characteristics of telecommunication line

The frequency of the telephone line is 300 to 3000Hz. Since modem technology was introduced first, we used 2400HZ signal, corresponding to baud rate of 2400. Since the basic frequency has been determined, all the methods adopted in the future to improve the communication rate are frequency multiplication based on 2400, so the figure of 115200 is formed, which becomes the standard baud rate of our wireless video transmitter.


Finally, let's go back to the often-confused bit rates and bit rates, which have such a relationship: the bit rates of wireless video transmitter are equal to the bit rates multiplied by the binary digits corresponding to a single modulation state. Although we have described how to solve the problem of wireless video transmitter baud rate, we still do not recommend that you complete this work yourself, because it is challenging, you can give it to us. For more information, please visit our website.

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