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What's Operating Temperature of Drone Video Transmitter?

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As is known to all, the precise circulation of altitude is very important for UAVs. It senses the static pressure of the atmosphere through the altitude sensor, and with the difference of altitude, the pressure and temperature of drone video transmitter will be different. When it comes to using drones in winter or summer, it's important to keep an eye on the drone video transmitter's operating temperature.

Here is the content list:Drones Video Transmitter1. Drones Video Transmitter Works in Summer

2. Drones Video Transmitter Works in Winter

3. High Temperature Attention of Drones Video Transmitter

Drones Video Transmitter Works in Summer

When we look at the COFDM UAV video and data links, we will notice that drone video transmitter has a parameter of flight temperature. The typical COFDM UAV video and data links operates at temperatures between -10 degrees and 40 degrees, which varies with the type of product. This indirectly proves that the level of heat resistance of a UAV video transmitter is limited, especially in high altitude in summer, when the direct sunlight brings with its higher temperature, which must be paid attention to.

In the summer, we need to focus on the following areas of UAV video transmitter:

1. Circuit

Drone video transmitter has a large number of lines, and we know that the connector of the line can easily fall off, especially in the case of high temperature. The cover can be loosened by high temperature expansion, which can easily cause the line to come loose.

2. Motor

The long-range wireless video transmitter motor itself runs at high speed, and its internal temperature is high enough. If it goes through temperature that too high, it will inevitably bring problems with the wiring.

Drones Video Transmitter Works in Winter

In cold weather, here's how to adapt the drone video transmission system solutions: if you're spending a lot of time staying in your backyard, let the transmitter as warm as possible. For example, instead of putting them away, you can store them with cloths. Some wireless video transmitter solutions even use hand warmers to help keep the wireless video transmitter warm. These additional precautions will help extend flight times and minimize the risk of errors in the climate-related drone video launcher.

When you first start the drone, fly ten to twelve feet and let it hover for at least thirty seconds or until the temperature of the drone video launcher is at least fifteen. Most drones provide you a way to measure temperature, whether in a mobile app or on the drone video launcher itself. Hovering the mouse over the drone gives you the opportunity to warm up with the drone video transmission system, giving you the opportunity to confirm that the drone is stable and fly as you wish. In fact, regardless of the weather, it's a good idea to get the drone down low and hover for a short time. Hover the drone directly in the air for some time after take-off, giving the drone video launcher a chance to warm up.

High Temperature Attention of Drones Video Transmitter

After a flight in summer, if the temperature of a UAV video transmitter is high, don't immediately pack it, but put drone video transmitter in a cool place to cool down before packing. On hot summer days, be careful not to fly drones over people.

At the same time, you should avoid prolonged periods of COFDM UAV video and data links work, which may cause an uncontrolled explosion due to excessive temperature.

As summer approaches, are you ready for the heat challenge? Our UAV video transmitter has operating temperature suitable for -40 to 85 degrees, which can withstand storage temperature of -55 to 125 degrees. Why not use drones as alternatives for our eyes to appreciate summer? Please feel free to contact us if you want to purchase a high-quality drone video transmitter!

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