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Benefits of Drone Video Transmitter

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With the popularity of variety TV programs and the development of UAV suppliers, application fields and functions have been greatly promoted, and the use of drones has been on the rise. Many enterprises' promotional films, TV stations' live broadcasts, documentaries, TV series and even personal weddings have been featured with aerial photography of drone video transmitters. Why is drone video transmitter so popular? What are the advantages of it?

Here is the content list:

1. What Types of Aerial Can Drone Video Transmitter Do?

2. What Benefits Do Drone Video Transmitter Have?

3. What Is Future of Drone Video Transmitter?


What Types of Aerial Can Drone Video Transmitter Do?

1. Active aerial

When an activity is in progress, both the photos and video can be brought with a different perspective by drone video transmitter, which can bring a whole new picture effect, improve the approachability of the activity and make it more attractive.

2. Enterprise propaganda

With a drone video transmitter, you can feel the scale of the place you are photographing directly. Aerial type photography with drone video transmitter brings magnificent pictures, especially when introducing the background of an enterprise. Such pictures are pleasing to the eye and have more visual impact when compared with ground photography.

3. Wedding aerial

Aerial type photography with a drone video transmitter is popular in the wedding market in recent years. The wedding uses aerial type photography, its shooting Angle is wider, for example, can be the whole wedding car fleet is taken down, and the whole wedding scene can be shot in every corner, which is not what ordinary photography can manage.


What Benefits Do Drone Video Transmitter Have?

1. Mobility

With a drone video transmitter, you can choose the best vision easily, while drone video transmitter brings lower requirements to the work environment as well.

2. Climbing force

Aerial photography drone has strong climbing force and flexible height control. It is not possible to complete a flight mission from a low altitude to an altitude of hundreds of meters in a short time. With no obstacles in the external environment, it is possible to shoot aerial photography with a drone video transmitter at an altitude of 50 meters or less.

3. Low cost

It costs a fraction of the cost of a manned aircraft. With small size, flexibility and super low visual range, the drone hd video transmitter can transmit images no matter where the drone is.

4. Shock resistance

Air flow changes and various natural conditions limit the inevitable vibration of the aircraft in the process of operation. For sensitive camera lens, it is a fatal defect to shoot the lens without stability. With the use of drone video transmitter, the vibration of mechanical equipment in flight can be minimized with the application of vibration absorption equipment, thus we can get the best videos.


What Is Future of Drone Video Transmitter?

With the rapid development of the drone video transmitter industry in recent years, China has become the largest supplier of drone hd video transmitter in the global market with its advantages of hardware cost and technology.

At present, the application of drone video transmitter has been developed into the fields of aerial photography, search and rescue, and even logistics, with the original entertainment functions mainly used by enthusiasts and amateurs. It is estimated that the scale of the whole drone video transmitter market in the future will exceed 100 billion yuan. According to the prediction of the drone video transmitters consumer electronics association of America, the global sales volume of civilian drones will reach 400,000 in 2015, and the sales volume will reach $130 million, an increase of 55% over last year. The huge market space of drone hd video transmitters will naturally attract more and more entrepreneurs, and the industry competition will become more and more fierce. To gain a firm foothold in the drone industry, we need not only hobbies and persistence, but also business wisdom. We need to segment the drone video transmitters market well and try to find technological advantages that no one else has, so as to win out in the fierce competition.


With all the advantages of drone video transmitter, have you been interested in that product? Artificial intelligence is such a technology that integrates big data processing to complete the operation process. With the promotion of the technology of drone video transmitter, its intellectualization will surely be deepened in the future. It is a wise decision to join this industry now, and we look forward to cooperating with you!

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