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  • Introduction of Mesh wireless ad hoc network equipment in emergency deployment and control of major urban events


    With the rapid development of China's science and technology and economy, the state and society's needs for the emergency communications industry are growing stronger, and their technical and functional requirements are becoming higher and higher. In the current social environment where various emer Read More

  • Urban integrated wireless communication system


    At present, the state attaches great importance to promoting the construction of urban underground corridors, and it is clearly stated in the National Thirteenth Five-Year Plan: "By 2020, construct urban comprehensive corridors of more than 8,000 kilometers, and build a number of internationally adv Read More

  • Wireless network video monitoring solution based on WIFI network and 4G private network transmission mode


    With the development and deepening of "Safe City" and "Xueliang Project" nationwide in recent years, although key areas in the city have been covered by video surveillance, the old urban areas, remote areas, harsh areas, power supply difficulties, monitoring points Complex and other areas, it is dif Read More

  • Stepping into the frontline of the epidemic: the application of wireless walkie-talkies in medical emergencies


    Since the outbreak of pneumonitis caused by a new coronavirus infection in Wuhan, Hubei years ago, the national epidemic situation has entered a state of high alert. How to efficiently and scientifically prevent epidemics, cut off the transmission channels in a timely manner, and treat patients as s Read More

  • What are the functions of the forest fire monitoring system


    The forestry department shoulders the responsibility of protecting forest resources. A fast, accurate, safe and reliable wireless only early warning communication system is an important guarantee for the forestry department to fulfill its duties. In recent years, with global warming and frequent for Read More

  • From emergency communication early warning plan to establishment of emergency communication support system


    Five hours after the Wenchuan earthquake in China that year, the network was basically paralyzed, and the telephone connection rate recovered 75% within one hour after the Lushan earthquake. What is the reason? It is reported that it is the national strategic document issued by the Ministry of Indus Read More

  • New technology in public radio


    In recent years, the continuous development of communication technology and communication tools are in a state of continuous development. More and more communication channels make our lives and work more and more convenient and efficient. Even with the advanced development of mobile phones, walkie-t Read More

  • Main functions of 4G wireless communication system downhole


    In order to solve the problem of mine communication, IFLY designed and developed a 4G wireless communication system based on 4G communication technology. Based on the industrial Ethernet system, it established a "wireless voice, video communication and dispatch communication system" to form a comple Read More

  • The most complete wireless intercom intelligent system solution and fault analysis


    With the rapid development of wireless communication technology in China, the degree of intelligence of urban buildings is getting higher and higher, modern buildings generally have complex structures, and the walls are more shielded from signals. The intercom itself cannot meet the call requirement Read More

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