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  • The past and present of the ad hoc network of emergency communication


    The advantages of ad hoc network communication are: fast, low-cost networking, high resistance to self-healing, large bandwidth, high-speed mobile communication, ultra-long-distance communication and other advantages.1. ConceptAd hoc network is a combination of mobile communication and computer netw Read More

  • What is Wireless Ad-Hoc Network?


    Introduction to MESHMesh wireless ad hoc network system is a mobile broadband multimedia communication system designed with a brand new "wireless mesh network" concept. It is a wireless communication system that has automatic network organization, automatic healing, multi-hop transmission, high band Read More

  • Application of UAV in emergency communication


    In an emergency situation, communication is critical to the safety of first-aid personnel and the effective execution of emergency plans. However, in an emergency, the communication facilities are likely to be damaged:1. Extreme weather, such as the 2015 New Zealand Hunter District flood, may have a Read More

  • New Opportunities for Private Networks: A New Wave of Digital Transformation Is Coming


    Industry informatization construction and digital transformation have always been one of the important driving forces for the development of information and communication enterprises. It is the development goal of ICT to continuously inspire the needs, interests, and motivations of digital transform Read More

  • Features and functions of 4G mobile communication technology and its application in emergency communication at fire sites


    1 Basic composition and characteristics of 4G mobile communication technology(1) 4G communication technology. The address method used by 4G LTE communication technology is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Multiple Websites, which divides the channel for a given frequency domain and turns i Read More

  • How to deploy emergency communications for large emergencies?


    Around 7:15 pm on March 7, the Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou, Fujian, China collapsed suddenly. After the collapse accident, the emergency management department immediately started an emergency response, dispatched a fire rescue team to the scene to carry out rescue, and dispatched and guided the local a Read More

  • How do PDT digital clusters integrate with overseas markets?


    PDT mainly targets factors such as: independent intellectual property rights, security and confidentiality, low cost, and smooth transition to simulation. Set TETRA, P25, DMR, MPT cluster system strengths, such as:Compared with TETRA, it is a large-area system, low cost, and has its own encryption a Read More

  • What are the differences between Mesh and WiFi


    A wireless mesh network is also called a "multi-hop" network. It is a new wireless network technology based on the traditional wireless network. Wireless mesh network is a new network structure based on multi-hop routing and peer-to-peer network technology. It has the characteristics of mobile broad Read More

  • MESH wireless network advantages


    Mentioning the mesh wireless network will make many people feel unfamiliar. Today, I will introduce to you what is a mesh wireless network and what are the advantages of a mesh wireless network.A wireless mesh network is a wireless access network technology that has developed rapidly in recent years Read More

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