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What Is NLOS COFDM Robot Video Transmitter?

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If you don't know what is NLOS Robot video transmitter, then it is our obligation to bring its concept to you. Since you can see this article, you must have been interested in NLOS Robot video transmitter to some extent, so why not follow this article with a good understanding of its definition?

robot video transmitter

Here is the content list:

1. How to Realize NLOS Robot Video Transmission?

2. Why Does NLOS Robot Video Transmission Adapt COFDM?

3. How to Evaluate NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

How to Realize NLOS Robot Video Transmission?

How to change the unfavorable factors of multipath propagation into favorable ones is the key to realize drone video transmission system.

One simple method is to increase the long-range wireless video transmitter power so that the signal can penetrate the obstacles and change the NLOS propagation to the QLOS propagation, but this is not the real solution, and can only solve the problem to a certain extent.

Wireless coverage is always subject to geographical environment, air loss, link budget and other conditions. Some conditions require the long-range wireless video transmitter condition must be NLOS, such as planning requirements, height restrictions, do not allow antenna installation in the range of LOS. The requirement of COFDM UAV video and data links is very strict when the cell is covered continuously. Therefore, base station and terminal often communicate under NLOS COFDM UAV video and data links. However, in the LOS communication environment, too high and too dense antenna will bring problems.

NLOS COFDM UAV video and data links can also reduce the cost of network construction. For example, wireless video transmitter solutions are more accurate, the workload of site examination is reduced, and the installation difficulty of CPE equipment is correspondingly reduced.

Why Does NLOS Robot Video Transmission Adapt COFDM?

With the maturity of OFDM technology and components, foreign countries tend to eliminate microwave, 802.11FHSS, 802.11(b)DSSS and other schemes in wireless images, and adopt NLOS COFDM Robot video transmitters.

1. penetrating power

Traditional microwave equipment can only set up the link under the condition of open view, so it is restricted by the environment in use, so it is necessary to investigate the environment in advance, plan and measure the transmitting and receiving points. Even if the placement is successful, the work of antenna orientation and cable arrangement is rather tedious, which not only directly limits the acquisition and transmission of audio and video sources, but also greatly reduces the reliability and work efficiency of the system.

NLOS COFDM Robot video transmitters completely change this situation. Due to its technical characteristics such as carriers, NLOS COFDM Robot video transmitters have the advantage of NLOS transmission. In urban areas, mountainous areas, buildings and other environments where the visibility is not clear and obstructed, the NLOS COFDM Robot video transmitters can achieve stable image transmission with high probability, which is not affected by the environment or is not affected by the environment. Omni-directional antennas are generally adopted at both ends of its drone video transmission system and receiver, so there is no need to lay multifid-going audio-visual input and output cables in advance. The acquisition end and receiving end of the audio-visual source can move freely according to the site conditions and requirements of command. The drone video transmission system is simple, reliable and flexible in application.

2. High speed transmission

For most industries, the general application mode of wireless video transmitter image is: video and audio front-end acquisition—access point—video and audio processing center. Therefore, vehicles, ships, UAV and other platforms are very important components of the drone video transmission system. One of its core functions is real-time access to front-end images.

But for NLOS Robot video transmitter, it does not require any additional device and can realize the fixed, mobile, mobile, mobile use, very suitable for installation in vehicles, ships, UAV and other mobile platforms, not only NLOS Robot video transmitter can do transmission with high reliability, and contrast the above scheme, because no additional device, so it show a very high cost performance.

How to Evaluate NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

NLOS COFDM robot video transmitter uses the core of the fourth generation mobile communication technology COFDM multi-carrier modulation technology, the use efficiency of innovative h. 264 compression encoding, to improve coding efficiency, reduce the coding time delay, algorithm optimization, the bit error rate and further improve the NLOS Robot video transmitter image quality and improve the effective, which can be good for low bit rate image compression effect.

1. NLOS Robot video transmitter has unique reliable connection technology, designed for wireless network, to ensure smooth transmission of video under bad network conditions.

2. NLOS Robot video transmitter can store and transmit video files in real time.

3. NLOS Robot video transmitters support computer browsing, mobile browsing, monitoring center TV wall browsing a variety of viewing methods.

4. Long-range wireless video transmitter has a large capacity lithium battery pack, which can work for more than 8 hours without external power supply.

That's the introduction of NLOS robot video transmitter and COFDM technology, with the hope that you can feel the convenience of NLOS COFDM robot video transmitter. As a leading domestic manufacturer, we are always customer-oriented and pursue higher technology. We will launch more new products in the future. If you want more information, please visit our website.

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