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Why Do You Need A NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

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NLOS Robot video transmitter has been familiar with both aerial photography and performance, but that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its applications. We still have to explore its future applications. If you are still feeling hesitant about buying your own NLOS Robot video transmitter, this article will show you why you need one of these products.

Here is the content list:NLOS Robot Video Transmitter

1. Logistics Value of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter

2. Agriculture Application of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter

3. Security Use of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter

Logistics Value of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter

Logistics NLOS Robot video transmitter has emerged as a times require, which is a model of combining advanced technology with market demand. China's logistics industry has a large volume and a large space for NLOS Robot video transmitter improvement. The in-depth development of mobile e-commerce, mobile payment, unbounded retail and changes in people's consumption habits have objectively put forward higher NLOS Robot video transmitter requirements for the service level of logistics.

Traditional stocktaking is often time and effort consuming. Most inventory management is manually scanned by employees, time-consuming and error-prone, and extremely difficult to keep track of all the goods in the warehouse. Many warehouses cause huge economic losses each year due to misplaced goods and incorrect records.

The drone video transmission system will scan and evaluate the warehouse, noting the location of each inventory item. This data transmitted by drone video transmission system will be used to adjust whether the information in the drone video transmission system, which is consistent with the actual inventory information. It is understood that two drones can complete the inventory of 100 people at the same time. In tests, the long-range wireless video transmitter can patrol the warehouse in 10 minutes, compared with 90 minutes for two crew members. Compared with labor, long-range wireless video transmitter certainly greatly improves the efficiency of warehouse management.

Agriculture Application of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter

1. Agricultural analysis

Using remote wireless video transmitter, accurate three-dimensional maps can be generated to analyze soil relevant measurements, which are of great significance for sowing under precise sowing mode. Even after planting, the above information on nitrogen and other a lot of affairs administration is rather useful.

2. Monitoring

One of the biggest obstacles to agricultural production is the inability to effectively monitor crops in large areas. Unpredictable weather patterns exacerbate this barrier and increase risk and maintenance costs. Drones with remote wireless video transmitters can be used to create time series animations to show the precise growth of crops and better manage crops.

3. Health assessment

While crops are scanned, the pictures are seized and transmitted by long-range wireless video transmitter in visible and near-infrared light, a light-processing device on the drone can recognize the amount of green and NIF light reflected by plants. This data is then used to develop multispectral images of plant health. The images of long-range wireless video transmitter can be used to track the health of crops and suggest remedial measures if any diseases are detected.

Security Use of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter

Security uavs are functionally positioned between military and commercial drones. The characteristics of wireless video transmitter make it have the advantages in the security work below:

1. Drones respond quickly, bringing them quickly to the scene, transmitting the whole thing from the commanding heights of the NLOS Robot video transmitter.

2. NLOS Robot video transmitter can record the progress of the situation with an optimal Angle, providing the most powerful evidence for post-processing.

3. In some violent conflicts or confrontations, drones with wireless video transmitter are directly used to enter chaotic areas for monitoring, avoiding casualties and understanding the actual situation of the criminals without risk.

4. In some large-scale event security, wireless video transmitter can monitor the situation in the surrounding area from high altitude, providing real-time and effective on-site information for the command personnel.

As a new type of security equipment, wireless video transmitter has the advantages of simple take-off and landing, flexible use, low risk, low cost, which gradually becomes a new type of security weapon, playing an important role in dealing with emergencies, large-scale event security, investigation and search, traffic dredging, firefighting and rescue.

With that, are you more interested in NLOS Robot video transmitter? In fact, you can see it in many different areas, from home entertainment to military operations, it's almost omnipotent. If that doesn't satisfy you, please come to our website for more products, we are not only professional NLOS Robot video transmitter manufacturer. There's always one for you.

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