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Drone Video Transmitter Instructions

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With a host of companies now engaged in research, development and manufacturing in the area of drone video transmitter. Faced with such a fast-changing industry, with drone video transmitter products being constantly updated, you may feel an urgent need for an instruction about how to use your product.


Here is the content list:

1. What Drone Video Transmitter Can Do?

2. How to Realize Drone Video Transmitter Transmission?

3. What Should You Prepare Before Using Drone Video Transmitter?


What Drone Video Transmitter Can Do?

As a kind of intelligent production tool, industrial wireless video transmitter can be seen as a classification of robots. Its industrial development features and processes will certainly reflect the development characteristics of robotic industry.


At present, industrial wireless video transmitter has begun to appear the industry gradually clear, the demand continues to emerge, technical standards continue to take shape, market segmentation situation.

1. mining industry

An oil company that wants to inspect oil RIGS has to erect scaffolding about 40 stories high. Using a wireless video transmitter solution to perform this task, however, saves a great deal of time and manpower, reducing the work time from three weeks to two days, and reducing the number of people involved from dozens to just a few, resulting in significant cost savings.


In addition to cost savings, using wireless video transmitter solutions for inspections could improve job safety and help avoid oil spills, as oil spills can have very serious consequences.


2. Disaster relief

As one of the most promising and powerful new technologies, drone video transmitter helps to improve rescue work. With regard to the past several natural disasters, that area has seen the use of long-range wireless video transmitter.


A long-range wireless video transmitter brings an intuitive sense of disaster to rescue workers and residents. In addition, drone video transmitter's aerial images, which generate 3D images with post-processing technology, can also help rescuers understand the terrain of disaster areas.


3. Water quality control

Water accounts for 70 per cent of the planet's performance, and water pollution poses a health threat to humans and animals. Laboratories have developed a method that enables a UAV communication solution to collect and inspect water samples, preventing humans from drinking pollution water. The solution involves two drones with a UAV video transmitter that can collect samples of different water sources to determine whether a particular lake is contaminated.


How to Realize Drone Video Transmitter Transmission?

With the development of information society, people have higher and higher requirements on the transmission of drone video transmitter. The data transmitted by UAV communication solutions will help terminal users find better operation mode, thus creating value for them.

In order to bring wireless type transmission technology into full play in the area of COFDM UAV video and data links, it should be satisfied: it can be applied in non-visual and blocking environments, which is suitable for wireless transmission of real-time images in movement. Suitable for transmission of audio and video with high bandwidth, high code stream and high picture quality; Excellent anti - interference, anti - fading ability.


In reality, COFDM UAV video and data links has two major concepts of real-time transmission: one is that of mobile transmission. Second, broadband transmission. Therefore, the development of a stable and infinite video transmission system with very wide frequency band is one of the key problems that need to be solved, namely, the optimization of data transmission mechanism. The limited bandwidth of infinite connection is particularly evident in the massive transmission of drone video transmitter.


Our company aiming at data transmission mechanism in wireless video transmission system wrong tolerance of the corresponding research, aimed at resolving the wireless video transmission bandwidth resources and large amount of video data this contradiction, make full use of video signal correlation of time and space to save the unnecessary retransmission waste of bandwidth resources, make the UAV video transmitter to achieve the balance of the two.


What Should You Prepare Before Using Drone Video Transmitter?

1. To protect drone video transmitters from wear and loss, it is forbidden to fly in lightening weather.

2. When a drone falls, crashes, floods, or other unexpected situations occur, you need to first inspect the drone video transmitter and fully test it before using it again.

3. When flying, keep a good attitude. Keep control in line of sight, away from obstacles, crowded areas, water, etc. In addition, please do not fly in areas with high voltage lines, communication base stations or transmitter towers, so as to avoid interference with the drone video transmitter.


That's all that's been said about the drone video transmitter, which I hope to further your image about this product. Before you use a drone for the first time, be sure to read the product instructions carefully. On the condition that you require a high quality, high-tech drone video transmitter, please contact us for more information.

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