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Guidance for Using Drone Video Transmitter

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With the popularization of drone video transmitter technology, UAVs are not only accessible to professional players as before. Now, everyone has access to UAV. At present, many novice users are using UAV video transmitter. For those who have never had knowledge of UAV before, the following precautions must be kept in mind when using drone.


drone video transmitter

Here is the content list:

1. What Is Usage of Drone Video Transmitter?

2. How to Use Drone Video Transmitter?

3. What Should You Take Care of Before Using Drone Video Transmitter?


What Is Usage of Drone Video Transmitter?

With the increasing maturity of technology, wireless video transmitter is integrating with other industries and its application field is expanding. Both entertainment, aerial photography, military and civilian products cannot be without the presence of drone video transmitter. Therefore, with respect to different types of long-range wireless video transmitter, we offer you different recommendations.

1. Sports

An entertainment long-range wireless video transmitter will be the best mentor in this field. As can be seen from the popular promotional film of American unmanned aerial vehicle Lily, COFDM UAV video and data links follows the scene of athletes skiing and drifting. In the future, when you are running, climbing, sailing, swimming, cycling and other sports, it is believed that your sports will be safer, more efficient and more interesting if you have such a loyal partner to follow and guide you.

2. Adventure

An entertainment COFDM UAV video and data links can bring you wherever you want to go. With a drone video transmitter, you'll be able to walk through dangerous valleys, climb steep mountains, traverse dense jungle, and even climb high walls. Equip a virtual reality headset if you have a drone video transmission system, you will be with freedom to switch between virtual and physical areas.

3. Service

Our company has been praised by the masses for its rigorous spirit and focused attitude, as well as the stability and reliability of drone video transmitter. With the aerial photography uploaded by drone video transmitter, it has definitely changed people's aesthetic perception and brought strong visual and spiritual shock.


How to Use Drone Video Transmitter?

In addition to the film and television industry, some drone enthusiasts will also purchase some sport and entertainment drone to experience the feeling of operating a drone video transmitter. Besides, nowadays, many aerial photography drones are not only waterproof and fall-proof, but also have simple control, which can be followed by intelligent COFDM UAV video and data links.

1. Angle of aerial photography

Master the drone video photography angle, different scenes need different angles, among which the most commonly used is probably the vertical angle, suitable for single people, multi-person, building. When you have a certain understanding of drone control, you can conduct dynamic video shooting. A 90° spiral is a good start. As long as you use COFDM UAV video and data links properly and keep the picture simple, you can certainly shoot good works.

2. Wind speed

In the operating drone video transmitters filming, with the rise of flight level, wind speed nature also will be more and more big, footage also will be more and more shake. So, in general, should as far as possible to avoid strong wind weather, to avoid shaking screen, UAV video transmitters had better not exceed 100 meters to get more stable.

3. Location choice

Drones have a wide perspective, picture taken may be many unrelated objects, so don't use UAV video transmitters to transmits object should not be photographed, so as not to damage the theme. Generally speaking, the two backgrounds are relatively simple. One is very neat and single, such as some lawns, which can highlight the main body of the character more directly. The other is geometrically symmetrical or funny patterns, where the character is the point.


What Should You Take Care of Before Using Drone Video Transmitter?

1. Be sure to keep the drone within your sight. Fly away from high-voltage power lines, prone to collisions.

2. Installation and use of long-range wireless video transmitter need professional knowledge and technology, can't literally of operation. Incorrect operation could lead to drone video transmitters damage or personal injury.

3. Flying in the rain is strictly forbidden! If water and water vapor from the antenna, the rocker slip into drone video transmission system may cause out of control.

4. When the voltage of the remote control's battery pack is low, it needs to be treated with care, not to travel too far, and both the remote control and the wireless video transmitter solution's battery pack need to be checked before each flight.


The above has explained how to use a drone video transmitter, which I hope will be helpful. The system of our drone video transmitter provides superior performance in 10-16km long range HD video and bi-directional data transmission with little latency. If you are interested in the drone video transmitter industry, cooperation with us will never bring you regret.

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