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Hundreds of Drones Displayed at SHENZHEN Party: The 4th INTERNATIONAL UAV EXPO 2019

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Drone multirotor

Co-organized by China UAV industry alliance and Shenzhen UAV industry association, Shenzhen International UAV Expo 2019 was held during 20th to 22th June at hall 2, 3 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Currently, this is the largest UAV industrial expo in China which provides a great opportunity for opening the regional market.


It was a great pleasure for IFLY team to play an active part in the Shenzhen International UAV Expo 2019. If you don't have the opportunity to be there, now I will introduce you to the exhibition site of this year's drone conference.


Content List

  1. What is displayed on the trade show?

  2. Drones + AI

  3. UAV and 5G networks

  4. Conclusion


What is displayed on the trade show?


The exhibition occupies over 22500 square meters and attracts more than 400 drone manufactures from different countries to show their drones which are Unmanned helicopters, unmanned fixed-wing aircraft, unmanned multi-rotor aircraft, unmanned airships, unmanned parachute aircraft, flapping-type micro-unmanned aerial vehicles, and drones related accessories such as the materials of the drone's casing, electrical machinery, radio link, fly controller and long range radio communication system.


Drones and AI


This year's show highlighted artificial intelligence, drone innovation and industry applications. This year, many drone companies have launched products and solutions for "UAV+" and hope to build a true drone smart ecosystem. Based on deep learning AI and Internet of Things. At the same time, based on the upcoming 5G technology application, the drone becomes the blue ocean with the most market space for artificial intelligence applications. In the future, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, etc. will bring subversive changes to the drone industry and technological innovation.

UAV verticals and 5G networks


At present, the UAV system is based on WIFI, OFDM or TDD-COFDM technology. The wireless signal receiving and transmitting is carried out between the drone and the remote controller. Distance traveled by the drone is generally within 50-100KM. But this distance need to be line of sight without obstacles such as high-rise buildings, mountain peaks, etc., which may cause transmission interruption, delay and the like. In addition, the UAV currently uses the free frequency band are 2.4Ghz, UHF 300-900Mhz, 1.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz which may cause interruption and delay of transmission.


As a drone that relies heavily on communication signals, 5G will unlock new scenes for it. First, the transmission distance can exceed the limit. If the drone can overcome the battery problem then it can fly continuously. As long as the drone has a 5G signal, the drone can be free from the distance with short latency and high bandwidth.




Finally, there is an apparent increased investment in AI, Autonomous drones, 5G, Fleet and Swarm management solutions and the overall understanding that eventually, these technologies will enable the mass adoption of drones in our daily life.


It was truly a great time in Shenzhen and we are eagerly looking forward for the bright future of the Chinese industrial and commercial drone industry.



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