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New COFDM Transmitter FNM-8416 Offers TCP/UDP Signal +Telemetry Data for 16km range for Commercial Drone & Robotics

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16km UAV Video Downlink



IFLY designs, develops, manufactures, and markets high-end drone radio products for consumers and professionals. Its development team consists of industry-leading experts from first-class universities in China with several decades of experience in aerial robotics, Telecommunication and video processing technology. IFLY is committed to empower users with freedom and autonomy through drone video data long range communication technology, unleashing unlimited creativity in exploring unknow world and spatial data collection.


Early of 2019 IFLY launched the new model FNM-8416 which is a device that enables the controlling of a drone or robot as well as the transmitting of HD video and data while operating on air & ground missions. FNM-8416 is the perfect combination of an extended ruggedized-grade and a light and compact package.



Besides the video link, FNM-8416 provides a bidirectional data link between your drone and your Ground Control Station. This can be used to visualized telemetry data and/or control the drone. We support the MAVLink protocol as well as any generic protocol that interfaces via RS232/TTLT. Many gimbals can be controlled over a serial RS232/TTL interface.




By adopting Uplink QNSK/Downlink QNSK modulation, the FNS-8416 system provides you with 14-16km range. The frequency options are 806-826Mhz and 1428-1448Mhz. Both of them support NLOS signal transmission. The system is optimized for COFDM technology to provide best video quality and lowest latency. Its default bandwidth is 8Mhz and 0.6Watt power with Bi-Amp, 0.6watt Peak Power of each power amplifier to provide stable video stream without interrupting.



The video stream, command & control channel and meta data are fully end-to-end encrypted making it impossible for third parties to eavesdrop the transmission or interfere with it. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we rely on open and proven standards including Data gram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP) using AES256.


 Mini szie UAV Video Transmitter

For UAV and ground robotics application, the radio equipment’s size and weight are matters, FNM-8416 offers small form-factor transmitter with 57 x 55.5 x 15.7mm dimension and 65g weight for 1080p60 downlink.


Supporting robust link characteristics making FNM-8416 optimal for professional monitoring and control applications.

Whether it is aerial shooting or ground inspection, the FNM-8416 will support your application with solid HD downlink.





UAV Transmitter Frond Side


1. 3*100Mbps Ethernet LAN Ports for connecting with 4P Ethernet cable for two-way TCP/UDP and IP Camera access to

2. Each LAN port has a LED light below. The LED will flash when data is transmitting through the port.

3. Symbol on Tx is a camera and Symbol on Rx is a monitor( As shown below)


UAV Transmitter Right Side

1. TTL-serial port connect with the 5P serial port for bi-directional serial signal transmitting (Voltage:±13V(RS232), 0~3.3V(TTL)

2. LED1 will be on when Tx and Rx are powered on and communicate with each other successfully

3. LED2 and LED3 are reserved for production testing

4. SMA is for antenna connecting 

5. Micro USB is reserved for production testing



1. 4P Power Port (DC 7~18V Input)UAV Transmitter Left Side

2. Power LED 

3. SMA is for antenna connecting. Two antennas should be in good connection before power on  



1. Tx*1

2. Rx*1

3. Tx Antenna*2UAV Video Transmitter links

4. Rx Antenna*2

5. Antenna Cable*4

6. Ethernet Cable*6

7. Power Cable*4

8. TTL to USB Cable*3




Drone Application Diagram


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