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Where Can You Buy NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

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When online shopping becomes so easy, it seems that everything you can think of can be sold online. However, it is not an easy task to purchase an awesome NLOS Robot video transmitter, especially when you are not a supplier, and it is a headache to judge its various parameters and performance. Today, let's see where you can get a real affordable and nice NLOS Robot video transmitter.

Here is the content list:NLOS Video Transmitter

1. What Are Data Rates of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

2. What Is Communication Bandwidth of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

3. What Is Wireless Channel of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

4. Where to Buy NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

What Are Data Rates of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

Transmission rate refers to the rate of data transmission UAV communication solutions from one point to another in general. It is the highest transmission rate that MODEM can theoretically achieve. That is, the amount of NLOS Robot video transmitter data transmitted per second.

Different from hard disk products, the data transmission rate of drone video transmission system emphasizes the internal transmission rate, while the mobile hard disk is more the data transmission rate of its interface. Because the portable NLOS Robot video transmitter is connected to the drone video transmission system through an external interface, the speed of the interface limits the drone video transmission system data transfer rate of the portable wireless video transmitter. Although the current USB1.1 interface provides 12Mbps; USB 2.0 can provide 480Mbps; Eee1394a interface can provide 400Mbps; IEEE1394b can provide wireless video transmitter data transmission rate of 800 Mbps, but it will slow down the wireless video transmitter transmission rate in practical application for some objective reasons.

The highest drone video transmission system transmission speed of our wireless video transmitter can reach 6Mbps, which is one of the UAV communication solutions to solve the problem of monitoring and transmission of several kilometers or even dozens of kilometers of difficult wiring places. The image is transmitted on high frequency carrier by FM or AM method, and converted into high frequency electromagnetic wave for UAV air communication solution.

What Is Communication Bandwidth of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

In drone video transmission system, the bandwidth is used to identify the frequency width occupied by the transmission signal, which is determined by the highest and lowest frequency of the drone video transmission system. The difference between the two is the bandwidth value.

We can use the analogy of a highway: the maximum amount of traffic it can handle on a highway is equal to the data capacity of the drone video transmission system, and the width of the highway allowed to form is equal to the bandwidth of the drone video transmission system. Obviously, the higher the bandwidth, the more resources available for data transmission, and thus the higher the speed can be achieved; In addition, we can achieve higher transmission speeds by improving signal quality and eliminating COFDM UAV video and data links.

What Is Wireless Channel of NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

Radio waves can't be seen and touched, so people often ignore their existence, because the radio equipment we use in daily life is protected by laws and regulations, there will be no interference, we can hardly have the concept of COFDM UAV video and data links signal can be interfered.

In the case of interference, some NLOS Robot video transmitters are not good enough to solve the problem only on the ground, which makes it difficult to maintain the real transmission rate when transmitting at a long distance. To cope with this situation, we have developed a NLOS Robot video transmitter that offers 300mhz-2ghz for your option.

Where to Buy NLOS Robot Video Transmitter?

You need to take the above three parameters into account when choosing a NLOS Robot video transmitter. Not all manufacturers can satisfy the three parameters of excellence, and if you choose to trust our long-range wireless video transmitter, everything can be solved.

Our NLOS Robot video transmitters have CNC technology applied on double aluminum alloy housings featured, which have perfect impact resistance as well as advantages of heat dissipation.

1. High data rate

Wireless video transmitter digital signal belongs to the category of narrow-band long-distance transmission, and the data rate of 115200bps is high rate.

2. Data encryption function

Our wireless video transmitters can Improve the reliability of data transmission and prevent data leakage.

3. High sensitivity

As the wireless video transmitter is powered by batteries and has a long transmission distance, it requires low power consumption of the wireless video transmitter, namely, low transmitting power and high receiving sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the farther the transmission distance is. Generally, the receiving sensitivity is used to measure the receiving performance of the equipment, but our wireless video transmitter's bit error rate is only -108dbm.

It can help the drones receive instructions from the ground station, transmit image information collected by the drone video transmission system to the ground station, and transmit information such as the attitude, position, height and power of the drones to the ground station.

Only when these three parameters are both satisfied, will you be able to get a good quality, durable NLOS Robot video transmitter, while choosing our NLOS Robot video transmitter will save you both time and cost. If you are still hesitant, might as well visit our website, you will find that our products are not only guaranteed by the certificate, but also by the majority of customers. We look forward to your joining us!

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