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Where to Buy High-quality Drone Video Transmitter?

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For drone enthusiasts, the quality of a drone video transmitter determines its effectiveness. When shopping for any item, you are ought to set a budget, which applies equally to drone video transmitter. We manufacturers have focused on how to balance that with the ability to bring a good and inexpensive drone video transmitter to consumers.


Here is the content list:Drone Video Transmitter1. How to Buy High-quality Drone Video Transmitter?

2. Where to Buy 5km Drone Video Transmitter?

3. Where to Buy 10km Drone Video Transmitter?

How to Buy High-quality Drone Video Transmitter?

High resolution rate, high frame rate and remote interval transmission are certain trends of long-range wireless video transmitter development. The immaturity of wireless video transmitter is also the main link that restricts the greater development of drone property. With an eye on the whole market, manufacturers that are now claiming to be able to supply UAV video transmitter are everywhere, but not all of them have this ability. When buying a drone video transmitter, we should pay attention to the following problems.

When you decide to purchase a wireless video transmitter, you are ought to first tell the supplier what type you want. Different types of drones should be equipped with different types of COFDM UAV video and data links.

1. Entertainment type

Most toy-type drone video transmitters can be controlled with mobile software, making them easy to use. Size can also be very mini, very cute. With an entertainment COFDM UAV video and data links, that feels good when you're playing with your child, whether at home or in your community. That's not too expensive. Of course, although it's called a toy drone video transmitter, its performance is quite good. Although it doesn't have high pixels, its transmission function can definitely satisfy the requirements of entry-level enthusiasts.

2. Film type

If you have an interest in photo, a drone video transmission system is better suited to that situation, since you've already bought a lot of equipment that brings good pictures to the scene.

Or, if you're interested in video and feel like shooting a small video while traveling with your family, consider buying a film type wireless video transmitter solutions, but when comparing different brands of this product, consider your own habits.

3. Racing type

UAV racing is a sport. Due to the limited space, there are few players in China. The requirements of UAV video transmitter for consumers are relatively high. If you're a drone expert, you can also select some competing drone video launchers on our website.


Where to Buy 5km Drone Video Transmitter?

With the rise of video, many UAV manufacturers have installed this feature on UAV. However, due to the distance limitation of video transmitters and other reasons, the aerial shooting distance of most UAVs in the market is very limited. UAV video transmitter has a distance of 2 kilometers, but in reality, when UAV flies at a distance of 2 kilometers, UAV video transmitter is insufficient, and there are various problems of delay and frame loss.

Our mini wireless video transmitter solutions is a new designed OFDM wireless communication equipment based on military standard. It supports 806-1448 MHz, transmit HD IP video and Bi-directional for 5km air to ground, if you want, we also provide drone video transmitter supporting 7-8km air to ground.

As the domestic well-known wireless video transmitter, we are able to provide customers cost-effective the whole signal chain COFDM UAV video and data links scheme, we can provide more in-depth technical support at the beginning of the customer project, as well as recommending new drone video transmitter according to customer's new project in-depth exchanges.


Where to Buy 10km Drone Video Transmitter?

If a clear 5km transmission isn't enough for you to explore, you might want to take a look at this product. We offer ethernet signal and bi-directional data wireless drone video transmitter specifically designed for commercial and industrial drones for 14-16km range with leading COFDM technologies.

No matter at home or abroad, natural disasters, accidents and safety incidents all over the world since ancient times have brought huge economic losses and human casualties. Countries around the world have taken all kinds of measures to avoid and deal with these emergencies. The development of COFDM UAV video and data links can effectively improve the ability of intelligence collection of relevant departments, and help relevant personnel to grasp intelligence quickly and take timely and correct corresponding measures. Most of our COFDM UAV video and data links are based on military standard, thus the quality and stability can be trusted, they will never fail you.


Above is how to purchase a nice middle-distance drone video transmitter, which is also one of our hottest products. Drones have been able to leap into the public eye and take off faster than many expected. From the initial aerial recording to the later real-time recording, the convenient function undoubtedly adds enough advantages to the UAV and earns enough attention. If you want to purchase a high-quality drone video transmitter, welcome to visit our company!

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