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New IFLY Video Transmitter Offers LOS and NLOS Link For Drones And Robotics

Views: 118     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-30      Origin: Site


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Robot long range radio communication system

IFLY, the creators of long distance fpv system with HD video, launches its Long Range (FIM-1440) wireless solution. And this IFLY ultra long range wireless video technology will changes the way users utilize videos captured from cameras and drones. Today we will introduce this new model in details.


Content List


  • Introduction

  • Key Features

  • Interfaces Funtion

  • Conclusion



IFLY newly lunched a long range hdmi video transmitter and receiver with mini size that enables the video transmission of a drone or robot transmitting HD video while viewing on ground monitor and PC simultaneously. IFLY video downlink FIM-1440 is the perfect combination of an extended ruggedized-grade and a light and compact package.  


It is the sixth product release for IFLY and it targets robot ground to ground NLOS 1-2km video transmission in security & surveillance, mining and process industry applications and Drone air to ground LOS 45km video downlink in mapping and rescuing field.


By offering a 45km long range radio link terminal product, IFLY takes another step to become an high end, end-to-end component provider for the drones and robotics market. With this addition to the IFLY offering the company now provides the following services:


Key Features


  • Mobile HD video link station with omni-directional antenna

  • Short latency end to end: 50ms-70ms for 1080P60/720P60 Encoding and Decoding

  • No need antenna tracker for 45km distance

  • Video processing H.264 and RF encryption AES128 bit

  • Support NLOS environment with strong diffraction ability

  • As IFLY services additional essential components of the drone system solution, its customers will see benefits across quality, cost and efficiency by using a single supplier to address multiple needs.

  • A unified, encrypted & secured device with multiple elements

  • Small power consumption

  • Power supply & Antenna

  • Light & compact

  • Extended Ruggedized grade, all-weather IP65 Dust and Water-resistant Design

  • Configurable Transceiver unit and buttons

  • Dual RF antenna

  • More frequency option from 300Mzh to 2Ghz to avoid frequency interference

  • Tx Powered by DC14-18V

  • Rx Powered by DC10-14V


Interfaces Function

Tx Interface

camera transmitter and receiver for drone1. 1/4 inch Camera fixed hole

2. Antenna Interface: Standard Outer crepe inner hole SMA Port

3. Cooling Fan

4. Micro USB Socket: Connect Tx with PC by USB Cable for configuration

5. Power Input: XT30 Plug supporting 14-18V power input(16V is suggested)

6. HDMI Interface: Standard HDMI port

Rx Interface

wireless audio video transmitter and receiver hdmi

1. Power Input Socket: XT60U supporting 10-14V power input(12V is suggested)

2. HDMI Interface: Standard HDMI Video Output port

3. Antenna Interface: Standard Outer crepe inner hole SMA Port

4. ETH: EZH 4P 1.5mm

5. 1/4 inch fixed hole

Keys On Rx

50km long distance fpv system

Keys and LCD for working status display

1. LAN Power Light

2. Signal Light

3. LCD to display parameters

4. Up

5. Right

6. Left

7. Down

8. Down

9. Exit

10. Record(Not available at present)



Wireless HD video connectivity is creating a revolution in content creation and consumption. IFLY, a market leader in long range wireless HD video, has invented exclusive technology to harness the power of mobile cameras and fixed video sources, to bring HD content to remote display screens or distribution switches. IFLY's systems utilize its core technology to deliver convenience and flexibility to create, transmit and view content on remote devices with the higher image quality and longer distance. 


FIM-1440 offers better performance for the drone and robotics market and have already received wonderful feedback from customers who are using it.

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